Sunday, December 30, 2007

An end of the year party-

So here I am thinking this year's events are basically over...oh, so wrong!

I had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to a client 'Mrs. K' from a dear friend in the business- David.

David is an amazingly talented painter, photographer, graphics guru, visual merchandiser, interiors visionary and more- going by the title Starvin Artist.

I had the opportunity to create the florals and collaborate with 'Mrs. K' for the celebration dinner last night at Vincenzo's, honoring her 40th Wedding Anniversary..40 years is HUGE!! I was thrilled she chose me for this event- she has worked with some amazing floral designers in our area. I was very happy she considered my ideas and suggestions for props- these awesome 'water walls' created by a local artisan. They are now part of the inventory of an event company, and luckily they were available for the event. So three water walls were placed in the room with 3 'hedges' we created to surround the water trough. {many thanks to Janette and Angie for following my vision and 'growing' my hedges and to Larry for assembling these little buggers- our drill died during the assembling and Larry forged ahead and got the job done.} Thanks too, to my dear husband for saving the day by getting another drill to us..Larry was most pleased.

Anyway, 'Mrs. K' put alot of thought into the details to make each guest feel appreciated in sharing their 40 years. From the chairs they sat on to the exquisite gold charger plates, no detail was overlooked.

As far as the centerpieces...they included Virginia roses {over three dozen in each arrangement} along with white hydrangea, white stock, calla lily and the best thing- white peonies- yes, peonies in December. They were delicately accented with sparklie vintage ferns. The glass Clarinet vases were illuminated with lights placed beneath the vase surrounded with rose petals and votive candles. 'Mrs. K' was going for a classic, elegant refined look for the table decor.

The side tables in front of the mirrors had beautiful oblong arrangments of assorted creme pillar and taper candles. The flowers complimented the table decor..roses, hydrangea and stock accented with galax leaves and mirrored bead sprays.

The staff at Vincenzo's complimented the floral and decor choices. I was happy they were impressed. Being a smaller floral company, we made a very big impression. They are very used to seeing the local 'best' in floral and event design. So again I'm pleased that 'Mrs. K' chose us as her floral source. I look forward to the opportunity to work at Vincenzo's again.

So, enough chattering. I've attached some photos of the party. I did have to jet back to the restaurant before I headed home. I only peeked into the private room as guests arrived.. no, I didn't go in, just looked thru the window as I passed-I must say- it really did look, friends and lots of love.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. K--- now, bring on the New Year.

All the best-

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas is just around the corner

I know the holiday is inching up, just a matter of days... but I'm just not ready.

Our shop is more than ready, lots of sparkly things, wreaths, ornaments and more. Our floral cooler smells divine, with the scents of cedar and pine. We're ready for the deliveries...I'm just wondering if everyone is thinking we have more time.

Believe it or not- we also have one last wedding of the season- this Friday evening. Phillip and Ellen will be getting married. Phillip is in the Army and shortly after the wedding they'll be moving to Seattle before Phillip receives his orders to go overseas. I wish them the very best.
I do hope to snap a few photos while at the wedding and if I can get some good shots, I will definitely post them.

We've had a couple of requests for some nifty florals--- we'll be designing some party decor for a lovely 40th anniversary party at Vincenzo's just before the New Year. We also have been retained to redesign the florals for the currently Caesar's soon to be Horseshoe Casino. We're thrilled to have gotten the commission and plan to have everything done before the new year. So, we have just a few things to get done before breaking out the champagne.

We wish the very best to everyone this holiday season. Remember what's most, faith, health and friends... the rest is just icing on the cupcake.

All the best-