Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and Weddings...

A strange combination...Halloween and Weddings. But, kind of cool to me.

My parents would have actually been celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this Halloween. Unfortunately, both of them have passed away, but I still love looking at the few wedding photos I have of their day.

One in particular always captured my attention. It was a great photo taken outside the church. Off to one side of the photo were two kids in their vintage masked halloween costumes. I always wondered who they were.

Why would they hang outside the church? What kid would hang outside a church? I mean really. And then I stopped thinking that after it occurred to me- I was that kid. I mean- not them.

I was that kid that hung outside the Greek Orthodox church down the street from my house. Patiently waiting on my pink bike with the streamers hanging from my handle bars. If there was a wedding going on, I was there. I loved it. Back in the day.. to me, all of the brides looked like Pricilla Presley. Giant dark hair. Huge dresses. Big doe eyes with black eye liner. I thought they were beautiful!!!

The big, black Cadillac covered with handmade Kleenex flowers taped to it. This oh-so-fancy, big car, waiting for this special Girl. I learned to watch the man in the black suit with the hat who hung out by the big black car. The Driver! He was my cue for when those doors would fly open and all those people would pour out. But, who was SHE? And the Elvis-like man. To me they were this beautiful, mysterious couple. And what was more mysterious to me was- the church.

I loved getting a glimpse of the inside of this beautiful, gold church. PLueeeease open the doors wider! And while you're at it, get out of the way, so I can see in.

Adorned was this church with these unusual paintings of people. Saints? Who were they? I was Catholic. I always thought my church was so beautiful... and it was. Our's had beautiful marble statues and our patron saint's was especially ginormous to me. ..but this fancy church! One day I'm going to find a reason to get inside it. But how???

Fast forward to my profession and ...Voila!! I'm in!!! I AM a Florist !!!! Big bouffant hair, the giant dress, the big, dark eyed bride. Yes!! I am doing my neighbor's wedding. In this church. The mystery is revealed. And it was as magnificent as I had always imagined it would be.

So... to the little kids outside my parent's church on their wedding day- I totally get it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Vows...

I must say, we've been really busy this past month. Crazy busy!

I'm beyond grateful for the opportunities to design the florals for so many of the recent occasions. Let's see.... We've done flowers for the party celebrating the 'Water Taxi' that will now be available to take Cardinal Fans to the new YUM! Center. For those readers not in the area, just Google- YUM! Center and you'll be filled in. The Cardinal Fans are the sports maniacs from the University of Louisville. I say maniacs, lovingly. Not originally being from here, I had NO idea how hooped up people get about College sports. I knew people went nuts over professional sports-hello, I'm from Chicago- the Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, the White Sox, and I'd like to say the Cubs, but I can't. Those darn Cubs-That's another story.

We have also been invited to partner with the Belle of Louisville for her future events. Again, you might want to Google the details on the Belle, if you're not familiar with this beautiful 90+ year old Steamboat check out It is an amazing vessel that is definitely available to host parties and private functions aboard.

We've created some cool florals for the Floyd County Arts Council, the River Breeze wine event and received the honor of being voted the Reader's choice of Best Florist in Clark County! Of course we've had many weddings along with everything else. So where is this rambling going? Back to a particular wedding which I got a call about, just 10 days ago.

This wedding took place Saturday night. Yes, yesterday. So now, I must back up and fill in the blanks. The first person who called has known me for a while. She has a 'friend' who was planning on getting married but had to bump up the date to Saturday night. This is not unusual, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.

No one was 'with child', or shipping out because of the military. No green cards involved- but I have had those. [Again, another story and the green card one is great!]

This one was bumped up because of LOVE- Well, all Brides and Grooms are in love. But this one is different. The love goes far beyond the Bride and Groom. This really involves their friends.

You see, the Bride and Groom had planned on getting married. Unfortunately, the Groom has become terminally ill and time is of the essence. So what do great friends do? They plan the whole wedding in about a week. Take care of the details and expenses for the Bride and Groom. The first friend called and explained the situation saying she wanted to pay for the Bride's bouquet and Groom's boutonniere. Another friend and regular client, called and said she wanted to pay for the attendant's bouquet and the flowers for the cake. Another friend ordered and paid for a beautiful centerpiece for the buffet.

When Cary and I arrived to set up the flowers, we were blown away by the number of 'girlfriends' present buzzing around getting everything set for the evening. It was really, touching. All of these awesome ladies had gotten together and harvested all of the flowers, ornamental grasses and foliage from their own yards. Together, they created very natural, gardeny centerpieces in mason jars. All of the tables had a little bit of love placed on them. The decor was spread throughout the room...and it looked lovely.

I haven't heard how things turned out. But I'm sure I will hear- the rest of the story, tomorrow. It's amazing what can happen when people comprehend a true sense of urgency. What was urgent was that this Bride and Groom get married. And that while they get married, they won't have to worry one bit, as to how it will all happen. That their friends love them so much, they want them to only to focus on their wonderful evening and those vows...especially the closing when you hear...and I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Let true bliss commence.