Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Three little Girlies went to Market...

So, last night Jessica, our darling college girl Grace and I went to a super design show at our local flower market. First row seats for us...if we go, it's front row whenever possible.

I hate to say I cannot for the life of me remember the designer's name, but he was wonderful and if we're dropping names and acting snooty...he, Mr. X, did the flowers for the Oscars. Yes, Oscars as in the red carpet, gold statues and Hollywood's Who's Who.

Jessica and I made mental notes, quietly oohed and aahed, and kept saying that's fab-u-lous in very quiet voices. But darling Grace just sat there and looked like the little girl that had just seen Santa placing the Christmas presents under the tree. Beautiful big eyes..All the while looking like she was thinking-how cool?? I didn't know you could do that? What's that flower? and of course..I want to do that, too!  So today, our Little Grace took home sticks and a knife to play with. Actually, we're encouraging her knife skills and creativity. 

Aside from that, we've been busy with weddings and parties. And, we're flipping the shop for the summer. So, if you stop in things will be kind of funky and colorful. We're already working on a schedule for fall floral classes. We'll be participating in the summer Wine Walk in July- more news on that in the next posting. We're also working on our plans for the Holiday Open House in November. 

Never a dull moment at -The Hill.