Friday, October 30, 2009

Now that I have your attention..

I just love this reindeer!! It looks so darn happy and squeezie. So I figured I use this poor animal to tease you into coming to our Open House -Thursday, November 12. We will have so much fun that I've decided to run the party through the weekend. Yes,  you can also shop on Friday late until 8pm and Saturday until 3pm. Don't worry, we have two weddings on Saturday.. but we'll get it all done.

So, why come to this Open House?? Well, because everyone will be there, the streets will be filled with people and Huber's Winery will have their wine at the shop for sampling and available to purchase. 

We have all of our candles in- TRAPP, Archipelago and Illume. Our handmade boutique soap arrived from Brooklyn today..[it smells so nice.] We'll have lots of decor holiday and everyday, gifts,  handmade local jewelry and  art, ornaments and more.. something in every price range and for everyone on your list. If you can't find something, we have gift cards too.  We know the shop will look and smell amazing.

Mark your calendar. We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What have we been up to??

Well, you can tell by the frequency of my posting lately that --I haven't been.  We have been bombarded with things lately. You name it, from an abundance of wedding consultations and requests for donations to funeral work. We've been busy. Along with that, add an Open House in about three weeks or so. I finally have taken three minutes to say something and post a couple of photos

The first, a simple orchid arrangement from one of our recent weddings this past weekend. The photo really doesn't do the orchid justice. It really was quit beautiful and complimented the overall wedding theme. Hopefully, I'll post the rest of those photos over the weekend, time permitting.

The second is from a recent funeral- yes, funeral. Not everyone wants a giant funeral basket. This particular client was very particular with their request. They requested simple, somewhat asian and not large. It was perfect for them.

Yes, we do weddings, but we do so much more. And we do love funeral tribute work.

Well, back to the wedding paperwork.