Sunday, February 12, 2012

I found 'The Dress'

I mentioned on a previous post, a bit earlier in the summer.. my daughter is getting married this June.

The issue wasn't her dress, it was mine. She had a very good idea of what she was looking for and found it quite quickly- first time out. She went dress shopping with her girls- and picked about eight dresses and the one she really wanted. She tried them all on but 'the one'. She said she wanted to wait until I was there when she finally put it on. [Which I thought was so, very sweet.] It was 'the one'. She 'SaidYesToTheDress.' I really look forward to seeing her in her beautiful dress complete with her amazing shoes and beautiful long veil, on her big day.- And of course, with her flowers. I wonder who she'll have do them ? ;)

So, now that she has hers...what am I supposed to wear? Now, I understand what every other mother of the bride has gone through trying to find, -'their dress'.

She did give me some guide lines... nothing frumpy, no jackets, basically- The Mrs. Doubtfire Spring Collection. Not like I'd ever wear that. So, I'm not in the wedding party, but technically, my husband, daddy of the bride- and I are the hosts. So, I wanted something to compliment the bridal party but not look like I'm one of them.

So, when she got the call her dress came in, she and I did look together while at the bridal salon. I did find one there, I liked it, but honestly, I really didn't want to wear black to my daughter's wedding. Or, a long dress, which it was. We'll be outside for the ceremony.

While out the other evening, I popped in to the mall- just to look. And low and behold, on a rack, was this dress. The right color, the right style, size and length. Just enough bling- I slipped it on and said- YES. Well, alrighty then. I can check that off my list. Now, I just have to find shoes.

It's all falling into place and I know June will be here so quickly. I'm glad I got one biggie off my to-do list. Now, I can focus on her shower...... and all of my other Brides planning their big day.