Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess who came to Jeffersonville?? was Administrative Assistant's Day- and we were busy. I left very early to get to the shop, because I knew - we'd be busy. The phone was ringing- flowers were flying and THEN, the lovely gals from Petunia's Boutique came in. Just killing some time while the Secret Service secured their store front for the commercial being shot for Barack Obama. Oh yeah, he was stopping by while in town for an appearance at IUS...Holy Cow! Barack Obama is on the next street and we get to see him.

Now it was my turn to see him in person. He'd been at my kid's college campus just a few weeks ago. My daughter Jen phoned early that morning to tell me she was in the first row..she got photos..she got to shake his hand AND speak to him. Of course, my son called later that day to say- did you hear who Jen saw today?? So, now it was my turn to call them.

I hate to say I hung a 'Be right back' sign - but I did. We could not pass this up. Kim and I went down the street, went through security and waited. Luckily, Derrick our trusty driver, got back from deliveries in time to join us. We patiently waited and then, out came Barack Obama. He spoke for a few minutes and I just kept snapping photos. It was very cool.

Regardless of you political choice- getting to see any of the candidates in person is very neat. And now I have photos to prove it. What a great end to a busy day. Oh, don't forget to vote!