Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Enough Winter already!!

I know being from Chicago, winter shouldn't faze me [and really it doesn't] but I'm really over it already. I'm so over the gloomy, over cast sky and ice, although those iced branches were absolutely beautiful while I drove down the hills from the Knobs. There is always something positive with each negative. And I have really enjoyed all of the yummy hot chocolate. So bring on Spring!!

Yippee!! While at the flower market this morning- that hardest thing was deciding -what not to buy? There were beautiful tulips, flowering cherry branches, ranunculus, iris, gorgeous snap dragon, and daffodil. A favorite limited availablity flower- acacia aka.. mimosa at the market. Oh, be still my heart. I love this stuff! I think it holds a special place in my heart because I remember when I first started in my floral career- let's see...25 years ago- yes, I was only 10-wink, wink... I loved seeing all of these unusual flowers I was completely unaware of. Acacia was one of them- it looked like fuzzy, yellow Trix cereal on a branch. But they smelled like a pumpkin when it's cut open-- pretty but not flowery scented.

So, I've attached some photos of the acacia and another absolute favorite- ranunculus. The pictures don't do the flowers any justice..they're just beginning to open. They look like beautiful twins to an English rose when they're in full bloom. They're beautiful just by themselves with nothing else.

And of course.. there's the photo of Lulu. This cat leads a great life. She has tons of people who just love her. They really do just come in to the shop and ask for her. They don't care about the beautiful acacia..they don't even ask what's new- just "Where's Lulu?" So, I caught the fur-ball sleeping on my desk. I had to document this and just share the moment. I wish I could sleep like that.. not a care in the world. Hmmmm. Maybe she's thinking about Spring.

All the best.
Carolyn and Lulu

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great photos from a fall wedding

Although I try my very best to snap some photos from the weddings and events we do..it's not always possible. It's during those busy set up times I truly rely on the hired, professional photographer.

Over time, I have come to realize the true difference in professional photographers. Price does not always determine the best or not so best-photographer. Although each tries to get the expected shots, each also sees an event through their own perspective. It is their unique perspective and the way they capture it that impresses me.

We had the opportunity to work with Nikki and Bradford on their fall wedding. Both have backgrounds in theatre.. [and amazingly know my brother, also and actor in Chicago- what a small world!] They wanted simple but beautiful flowers that reflected a couple of important details linking the couple. The first, incorporate feathers... Nikki and Bradford met during a Rocky Horror production and somewhere along the way a feather boa got the two talking and the rest was history. So, I obliged and included delicate white feathers in Nikki's bouquet and Bradford's boutonniere. The second, Nikki also designs jewelry and she would be wearing a couple of custome pieces to compliment her attire. So the flowers were not to take away from that. Not a problem. We kept it simple, focused on the colors white seasonal flowers with a periwinkle blue accent and didn't forget the feathers.

I've attached a couple of photos and truly credit -Jessie Kriech Higdon and her husband for the great photos. They are amazing to work with and do great things with a camera. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a photographer. They are truly artists!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Couple of Booked Dates

Just wanting to post now about a couple of dates that the shop will be closed.

We will be closed Saturday, April 19- for out of town business.

Friday May 2, the shop will close early due to a large event set up for a Pre-Derby party. Saturday, May 3, Derby Day.. we will be closed.. due to setting up for parties.

We will be closed memorial Day weekend.. May 24-26..Happily, we are booked for an event that will take us out of town.

We're sorry if you're checking in for possible wedding dates on these weekends. But, knowing now that our complete staff will be booked, we would rather decline any additional events.

Best wishes
Carolyn and Lulu
Lulu will be doing nothing to help with these events. She will stay at the shop and look beautiful.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

TRAPP Candles... Back in Stock !!

Okay a TRAPP Candle fans-- you've waited long enough. Kim officially spoke with TRAPP today and the candles ship in 2 days and we should have the candles in the shop by the end of next week. I'm hoping sooner rather than later and then we'll have them in for Valentine's Day.

So, to celebrate this long anticipated arrival-- [we know you've waited since before Christmas] if you mention reading this blog... you'll receive a free TRAPP votive with the purchase of 3 votives AND a coupon good for 10% off a large TRAPP poured candle.

The following scents are expected to ship... #4 Orange Vanilla, #7 Patchouli Sandlewood, #8 Freshcut Tuberrose, #12 Guava Mango, #13 Uncle Bob's Flower Shop, #14 Mediterranean Fig,

#15 Vanilla Tarte, #19 Exotic Musk, #20 Water, #39 Sexy Cinnamon, and #41 Black Pepper

The votives are $3.50 and the large poured jars are $22.ea.....If you want us to hold a particular scent call us ASAP ! 812-288-2388 Certain scents definitely sell out quickly.

Have a great day!

All the best.

Carolyn and Lulu

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay... I'm a little challenged..what is uwmag??

Okay... so yesterday, I was trying to post something about a local -'girlpower'- publication and their web address- uwmag.com----with my infinite deficiencies in being a technically saavy gal- I inadvertantly hit enter and - Poof! the title only was published. Of course I didn't know that and continued to go on and on about Valentine's Day and blah.. blah ..blah. And today I realized nothing got published.. Lucky you!!

Anyway, check out this amazing local publication.. Underwired. It oozes positive vibes, is well written, with beautiful ads, and great content. And yes, we hope to have some advertising in the upcoming issues.

That's all for now. I really do have some work to do..I mean Valentine's Day is next week.

All the best..
Carolyn and Lulu

Monday, February 04, 2008