Sunday, March 30, 2008

A simple beautiful cake..

I truly appreciate an artisan. Adrienne of Adrienne's Cakes in Jeffersonville is definitely an artisan. There are many cake designers in the Kentuckiana area and to me, she is a definite stand out.

Her cakes are beautiful, flawless, impeccably detailed and taste divine. I have had the opportunity to work with her on many weddings and I am never disappointed. Each cake is unique. I am especially looking forward to seeing a cake she will be creating for one of my brides with a June wedding date. It is a delicate vintage looking cake with a textured lace-like scalloped finish.

If you are still searching for your cake designer, please stop by her cafe. She is a delight to work with. Beyond the wedding cakes Adrienne's mega brownies are amazing!!! If you love chocolate these need to meet your tongue. They're chocolate with chocolate topped off with more chocolate. And then there are the cannoli, the chocolate or peanut butter filled chocolate cookies and the frosting....on anything....yummm.

PS..The photo I've attached is from the wedding this past Saturday. I loved the simplicity of this cake. It was simple, but the detail was flawless. No seams on the frosting, perfectly smooth, perfect, even scroll work and a beautiful soft ivory color.

The 'House' down the street

I haven't blogged much this month and it really bugs me.

If you know me, you know I love to communicate..speaking, punctuated with hand and facial gestures, inflections in my tone of voice and of course rapid Chicago-bred speed. And I love to write. That gift I acquired during many years of being taught by Dominican nuns. Those wonderful faux-penguins beat writing into us..literally. Creative, expressive, make the reader feel everything - kind of writing. They were wonderful women and they could teach. But you know, it's truly part of me. I just have to get it out. Not just the written language on paper or a computer but the other language I speak with.. the language of flowers. Communicate, no matter what the form of communication.. written, spoken, floral, photos, dance--[okay, you don't want to see me dance, maybe someone else, just not me.] Even my grandfather told me years ago- I had the gift of gab- I guess I never shut-up- and I always had something to say. Needless to say he lovingly called me 'Gabby'.

So, today, I will post a couple of blogs. I will 'gab' like nobody's business. Don't say I didn't warn you..

On to the 'House' down the street... Yesterday morning I had to run out on a very early delivery. On my way back, I saw down at the other end of the street this 'House' sitting in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by many frenzied people. This 'House' was an old historic home being moved from along the river front to a spot a few blocks away, and just down the street from the shop. The frenzied people were the firemen and many others helping to safely move this little gem to it's new location. It was just very cool to actually see this happen. The last home moved to the neighboring location took place a couple of years ago. I wanted to see it in progress and missed it, so this was my chance. Now, I'm glad I had to take that delivery- I wasn't at the time- so, I thought I'd share this photo.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Major snow and a wedding

March .. it's spring, well almost.

At least it's spring at the flower markets..tulips, daffodils, hydrangea plants. And of course brides planning their wedding for March 8 are thinking spring. I know that's what my bride Karry and her fiance Patrick were thinking. But Mother Nature must not have received her invitation to the wedding.

Like most couples, Karry and Patrick planned their spring wedding with much excitement and anticipation. As we all know, by Wednesday of this week, we were expecting snow. Typically that's not such a big deal. But, this was mega least for southern Indiana. The location of the ceremony and reception was nestled up in Starlight at Huber's Winery. On a good day, the drive is beautiful- when there's snow, I don't feel the same way.

So I called the Mother of the Bride- I prefered not to speak with the bride, she didn't need any more stress than necessary. .[Mom agreed] Mother confirmed the day, storm or not, would commence as planned. But.. being a wise mother, she said bring everything Friday instead of Saturday- the actual wedding day. We were able to keep everything refrigerated at Huber's- [They're wonderful to work with. They are on my list of preferred places to work for that reason and many more.] The roads were messy but drivable. We both knew that Saturday may not be the same. The snow would continue through Friday night.

Luckily, my wonderful Friday crew, Kim, Joyce and Larry, kicked it up getting all of the decor and accessories packed for delivery while I did the floral work. Not only did we have the wedding flowers, but the rehearsal dinner decor also.

So, Larry accompanied me -he said he'd drive-[I think he was afraid I'd fly off a curve, he doesn't know what a cautious driver I am.. the flowers are like driving with babies in the vehicle.. add snow to the mix and I'm even more careful.] So off we went. Got up there, set up, drove back to the shop and loaded up the rehearsal stuff. Drove to the Bristol downtown and headed home ASAP. Then it really snowed!!

Well, I guess there's always a first for everything. I've never had snow interrupt a wedding and I've never set up a wedding one day before. So even after 25 years of being the business..expect the unexpected.

Best wishes to Karry and Patrick- your adventure has begun. I hope the day was wonderful and your trip to Florida is memorable.

All the best-

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's with the type-os ??

Okay, if you read the previous post you'll find type-os.. and a misspelled word- that's even worse !! I hate's like a poppy seed in your tooth and you're yapping away and no one bothers to tell you and then you see it later and think - Yeah, thanks for saying something !!-- and I can only blame the computer. Three times I changed the errors and what the heck, they're back !

So, email me with the type-os you found and I'll give you some flowers. That will make me proof things better. I'm totally me.

Now, I must go home. I really do have one.

Some gals you should meet

Okay, if you know me, you know I LOVE to work with creative people. I love positive, who

think outside the box. The I'll find a way to do it kind of people. Which leads me to introduce you to two nifty gals... Elizabeth and her mother and business partner, Tina.

I had the pleasure to work with them on Elizabeth's fall '07 wedding- so the flowers were wonderful- but not just because I got to do them- because they had a vision of what they wanted and we ran with it. Elizabeth and Tina had some wonderful and creative ideas to truly personalize the day. They went above and beyond in doing alot of things themselves. Typically, I discourage taking on so much, but they honestly were able to complete the tasks they set out to do. And they did an amazing job. They spent alot of time researching sources for paper, ribbon, and supplies of all types in order to create the atmosphere of a romantic yet current, ceremony location and reception. They focuced on specific details and continued them from ceremony through reception. I truly applaud them in doing such an amazing job. Many brides do attempt to take on decor and flowers and alot more than their schedules and talents allow. Sometimes this turns into frustration and disappointment or worse, wasted money. What worked for Elizabeth and Tina was they new what they could do in the timeframe preceeding the many parties, showers and work schedules. They planned to take things on accordingly and did a marvelous job..... So what to do after the wedding day is over???? Well, start your own business of course!!

So, may I introduce to you... We deux, I do ! Unique wedding details... their website is Elizabeth and Tina would be a wonderful source for any couple, wanting ideas and inspiration to personalize their own event. Why? because they've already done their homework. They can do as much or as little as you'd like. They have the sources and can make your life easier while you prepare for your big day. I truly enjoyed working with them and I think they found a great niche in the wedding industry that needed a fresh approach.

I wish them a successful start and look forward to hopefully working with them in the future.

All the best..

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring cleaning.. the shop and my flower porn

I'm so glad to be home right now. No one else is here. The TV is off. No radio. Just me, the laptop and Heidi [my German Shepherd] snoozing at my feet.

I'm pooped! I did a shop sleepover last night, yes, Heidi stayed too. My husband was out of town and this was my chance to get some spring cleaning done. The Spring Fling is next Saturday, from 10-3. As if that isn't enough, I also have two weddings to do. So, I stayed over. I had to move furniture and rearrange the shop. As I term it, fluff and puff, the shop. I flipped the shop, put out the new stuff that arrived yesterday and worked on the cut flower orders that came in for today's deliveries. And I must say, I truly am pooped... but I'm not done yet.

I still have 3 brides to write up proposals for, get to a Kinkos for new printed material before the Open House, get out the follow up postcards to the Brides from a recent wedding show and my favorite- organize the Flower Porn.

Did she just say - Flower Porn?? Why, yes, I did. That's been my term for all of the images I've downloaded for the past 2-3 years. These are images of everything from single blossoms to bouquets, centerpieces and anything else I think may be an inspiring visual for our clients- typically brides for these particular files. I use these files after meeting with brides to give them a better visual to make them comfortable with their decision on the flowers. I know what I'm going to do with their flowers but they don't always see it the same way, and the Flower Porn helps. Of course those are not the photos we use on our website.. we use our own images of our own work. Since it seems to be a challenge for some local photographers to get photos back to us--[and of course our favorite photographers always get us their images- that's why we love them!] we use the Flower Porn as a back up. Think of it a one giant wedding magazine with no ads and only great photos of everything perfect you could possible dream of. So tomorrow I'll have to start on the files.

We'll be launching a new version of our website soon. Jen has been reworking our current site, giving it a fresh, new look- and it's going to be awesome. She will have to re- load all of our flower porn from the weddings, events and corporate stuff we've done. She's also been busy re-working our logo, mailing info and postcards. She is one busy girl... I do love her, and truly appreciate all of her computer skills.

Well, I've got to get started on the proposals. There's always something to do.

All the best,
Carolyn, Lulu and Heidi too!