Monday, September 26, 2011

Brainstorming. Wedding Shows. Which way to go?

Although it's becoming more popular now, it used to be that most wedding shows, were typically held January through March-ish. at least that's the way it had been in our region of the country. Now, I'd have to say for the past few years, it's become a year round thing. This of course, makes sense since people don't just marry in the spring and summer.

The biggest challenge for a vendor such as ourself, is knowing what to show at the show. We know there will be other florists, but how do we best showcase our talent without giving away all of our visual 'pretties' before someone gets to see what we really can do for them. And, we also have to keep in mind, we want to be sure we present something fresh and original. All callas? I hope
not... but, if we do, there will be a serious twist.

So this weekend, we'll be presenting our florals at Garden Court. We have been asked to decorate the entrance, staircase and hall. This will also include providing florals for the other vendor's tables also displaying in the hall. So the question is...what do we bring?

Let's just say, some of our Dutch friends will be making an appearance and some from Ecuador, too. We might have a fresh twist on a decorative idea for that big, dark, heavily carved staircase. I'm just saying. An no one knows just exactly what's going on the check in table or entrance doors- but it will be snazzy.

Well, you'll just have to make arrangements to check it out yourself or wait 'til we post some photos. Normally, the wedding shows aren't such a huge deal for us to do. Except, this weekend, not only do we have the show, we also have four weddings. So, if nothing else- this should be fun to say the least.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Art and Flowers: Create and Bloom

Join us at our unique and inspiring floral studio, Lavender Hill. Thursday evening, October 27th. 6-9pm.

Paintings, prints, jewelry and more. Art created by local artisans with inspiring floral interpretation. A creative evening in a beautiful, blooming setting.
Art and Flowers: Create and Bloom

Please mark your calendar and plan to spend some time with local artists including 'Starvin Artist' David Green, Larry Dalhover, Pam Raymond, Sheila DeKold, Walt Hale, Marianne Zickuhr, Carolyn Minutillo AIFD Cfd, Jessica Morris and Grace Harmon.

Together, we will present art in various mediums with a floral interpretation to compliment. Art will be available for purchase and commissions accepted.

Light refreshments will be served.
Lavender Hill
360 Spring St. Historic Downtown Jeffersonville