Friday, July 25, 2008

This is how we do it...

So, we're busy bees this weekend. We have one wedding today and four on Saturday. So what's the best way to produce?? line up the vases and let it rip.

Jessica---our new singing, perky, smiling, wonderful - thankGodshe'sworkingforme -designer and I have been cranking out corsages and bouquets.

So we snapped a couple of pics yesterday, just to show everyone our colors for Friday's event- Adrienne, our bride, wanted bright summer shades, fucia, raspberry, coral...and loved the best of the season. So, we selected roses, stock, mini calla and zinnias for some very saturated color. We think she'll like it.

The rest of the weekend is also summer themed. Lots of daisies, gerbera and the traditional ones too. We'll try and snap some pics ans post next week if not sooner. Have a great weekend.

All the best-

Carolyn and Lulu

PS Lulu has been taking 'dirt naps' literally...we'll try and get a pic the next time we find her in the soil containers... she looks at us like we're the ones with the problem. ;)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A n email I received

This morning I opened my email and this is what I received:

This is the executive summary;

Boeing 747-200 carrying almost 5000 full boxes of flowers took off at 3 am on Monday morning bound for MIA. Upon take off there was a catastrophic engine failure which disintegrated an engine. There was fire. Plane declared an emergency but was already in the air as it had reached V1 or point of no return. It started fuel dump maneuver but very quickly the situation escalated and the pilot was left with no other choice but to crash land the plane in the nearest cleared piece of land available. Almost all flowers contained in the plane were Elite.

Attached pictures!!!!

All 8 crew members managed to live thru this one... 7 american pilots and 1 dominicano chico!!!

2 people on the ground who lived in a house died when the plane landed on top of their heads. They were the ones who looked after the cattle who I assume managed to run when they saw the plane coming in.

Wow!! most people would have never heard about this. Or even cared about the cargo--- but what about the florists and clients waiting for the cargo--- maybe flowers for their party or wedding. 5000 boxes is a lot of flowers to lose- and by the looks of things I can't believe anyone survived. That's amazing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Our website is back up!!

Finally..our website is back up. We've been experiencing 'technical problems' with the website and our email, and we apologize. If you've emailed us with no response that's why. If you've never received our emails- again, we're sorry.

Our website is back up with a new look. We will be continuing to add more information for pre-appointment planning, photos and some other community minded projects. So, please be sure to check it out.

Remember... our blog is where you can get the best info on what's going on in the shop.. new arrivals, sales, classes etc. We have some neat things planned for the late summer and early fall. Stay tuned.

All the best!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Check out a beautiful blog

The weekend of June 20th was very busy for us. A Friday wedding- HUGE, 2 weddings, a 50th anniversary party, and flowers for a wedding shower -all on Saturday and then.. another wedding on Sunday... with LOTS of details. Sunday's wedding is the topic of today's post.

So, why am I just now posting about this ? Well, because the photographer has posted some amazing photos of the wedding and reception. Her blog is

Unfortunately, she is not a local photographer but she obviously travels. From the few photos she's posted, I'm truly anxious to see the rest. They are just as beautiful as the ones you'd see in the wedding magazines. Of course having a beautiful bride, handsome groom and an amazing wedding location with lots of details should be a snap to shoot. Right? Well, one would think so.. We've done them before.. beautiful flowers for beautiful weddings- unfortunately, not all photographers capture the essence of the details. Happily, Neysa Ruhl did. Please check out her blog, I think you'll enjoy it.

All the best-