Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween and Weddings...

A strange combination...Halloween and Weddings. But, kind of cool to me.

My parents would have actually been celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this Halloween. Unfortunately, both of them have passed away, but I still love looking at the few wedding photos I have of their day.

One in particular always captured my attention. It was a great photo taken outside the church. Off to one side of the photo were two kids in their vintage masked halloween costumes. I always wondered who they were.

Why would they hang outside the church? What kid would hang outside a church? I mean really. And then I stopped thinking that after it occurred to me- I was that kid. I mean- not them.

I was that kid that hung outside the Greek Orthodox church down the street from my house. Patiently waiting on my pink bike with the streamers hanging from my handle bars. If there was a wedding going on, I was there. I loved it. Back in the day.. to me, all of the brides looked like Pricilla Presley. Giant dark hair. Huge dresses. Big doe eyes with black eye liner. I thought they were beautiful!!!

The big, black Cadillac covered with handmade Kleenex flowers taped to it. This oh-so-fancy, big car, waiting for this special Girl. I learned to watch the man in the black suit with the hat who hung out by the big black car. The Driver! He was my cue for when those doors would fly open and all those people would pour out. But, who was SHE? And the Elvis-like man. To me they were this beautiful, mysterious couple. And what was more mysterious to me was- the church.

I loved getting a glimpse of the inside of this beautiful, gold church. PLueeeease open the doors wider! And while you're at it, get out of the way, so I can see in.

Adorned was this church with these unusual paintings of people. Saints? Who were they? I was Catholic. I always thought my church was so beautiful... and it was. Our's had beautiful marble statues and our patron saint's was especially ginormous to me. ..but this fancy church! One day I'm going to find a reason to get inside it. But how???

Fast forward to my profession and ...Voila!! I'm in!!! I AM a Florist !!!! Big bouffant hair, the giant dress, the big, dark eyed bride. Yes!! I am doing my neighbor's wedding. In this church. The mystery is revealed. And it was as magnificent as I had always imagined it would be.

So... to the little kids outside my parent's church on their wedding day- I totally get it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Vows...

I must say, we've been really busy this past month. Crazy busy!

I'm beyond grateful for the opportunities to design the florals for so many of the recent occasions. Let's see.... We've done flowers for the party celebrating the 'Water Taxi' that will now be available to take Cardinal Fans to the new YUM! Center. For those readers not in the area, just Google- YUM! Center and you'll be filled in. The Cardinal Fans are the sports maniacs from the University of Louisville. I say maniacs, lovingly. Not originally being from here, I had NO idea how hooped up people get about College sports. I knew people went nuts over professional sports-hello, I'm from Chicago- the Bears, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, the White Sox, and I'd like to say the Cubs, but I can't. Those darn Cubs-That's another story.

We have also been invited to partner with the Belle of Louisville for her future events. Again, you might want to Google the details on the Belle, if you're not familiar with this beautiful 90+ year old Steamboat check out It is an amazing vessel that is definitely available to host parties and private functions aboard.

We've created some cool florals for the Floyd County Arts Council, the River Breeze wine event and received the honor of being voted the Reader's choice of Best Florist in Clark County! Of course we've had many weddings along with everything else. So where is this rambling going? Back to a particular wedding which I got a call about, just 10 days ago.

This wedding took place Saturday night. Yes, yesterday. So now, I must back up and fill in the blanks. The first person who called has known me for a while. She has a 'friend' who was planning on getting married but had to bump up the date to Saturday night. This is not unusual, but not for the reasons you may be thinking.

No one was 'with child', or shipping out because of the military. No green cards involved- but I have had those. [Again, another story and the green card one is great!]

This one was bumped up because of LOVE- Well, all Brides and Grooms are in love. But this one is different. The love goes far beyond the Bride and Groom. This really involves their friends.

You see, the Bride and Groom had planned on getting married. Unfortunately, the Groom has become terminally ill and time is of the essence. So what do great friends do? They plan the whole wedding in about a week. Take care of the details and expenses for the Bride and Groom. The first friend called and explained the situation saying she wanted to pay for the Bride's bouquet and Groom's boutonniere. Another friend and regular client, called and said she wanted to pay for the attendant's bouquet and the flowers for the cake. Another friend ordered and paid for a beautiful centerpiece for the buffet.

When Cary and I arrived to set up the flowers, we were blown away by the number of 'girlfriends' present buzzing around getting everything set for the evening. It was really, touching. All of these awesome ladies had gotten together and harvested all of the flowers, ornamental grasses and foliage from their own yards. Together, they created very natural, gardeny centerpieces in mason jars. All of the tables had a little bit of love placed on them. The decor was spread throughout the room...and it looked lovely.

I haven't heard how things turned out. But I'm sure I will hear- the rest of the story, tomorrow. It's amazing what can happen when people comprehend a true sense of urgency. What was urgent was that this Bride and Groom get married. And that while they get married, they won't have to worry one bit, as to how it will all happen. That their friends love them so much, they want them to only to focus on their wonderful evening and those vows...especially the closing when you hear...and I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Let true bliss commence.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some wise advice...

For those who know us at Lavender know we do flowers. But what you may not know, is we do, and have always done more than that. We also have our own line of rentals, invitations and do offer planning and coordinating services. We have always done these things. Many of our clients get these additional services from us, especially our rentals. We are thrilled to create your florals, and we are very excited when you do ask us to help with the planning and execution on your big day. We also happily work, as a team, with other coordinators and event planners to make your day wonderful.

Whether we do one thing for you or a few, our goal is that you are a guest at your own event. This is recent post from a fellow florist friend, Jodi Duncan Cfd Aifd. She too, is a florist. A very talented one. She too, has been in the business for quite a while and has also seen a lot over the years. I read a recent blog post and thought I should share.......

From Jodi---
This weekend I had the privilege of providing decor for a lovely bride and her family. Bride was out of state, so I dealt mostly with mom. Both were sweet, down to earth, straightforward, and good communicators.

When I met with them at our very first consultation, I always ask:What services are you interested in?
Ceremony decor? Wedding Party Flowers? Reception flowers and rentals? Co-Ordinating? Or all of the above?

They just wanted the flowers for wedding party, ceremony and reception--they were taking care of everything else themselves. And that is always fine with me! I am glad to be the lowly florist and not service the event.
I am ala carte: my clients are free to choose as much or as little of my package as they are comfortable with.

Sooo, fast forward to the wedding date:

The chairs arrive 3 hours late. And they are dirty. And that set my clients back on their set up time that they were under contract to provide me. They were supposed to have it all ready for us when we arrived. They did not.
Thankfully, we were ahead of schedule and kind enough to set it up
(at no additional charge) so they could get their hair and makeup.

The hair and makeup people were running late.
And taking entirely toooo loooong.
And young inexperienced divas.
And they did not realize that their grandstanding and showboating was derailing the day for the bride. And the MOB was afraid to "say anything to upset them..."
I wanted to get things back on track SOOO much!

But it was not my job.
I was the florist.
And they were their own co-ordinators.

I, as the lowly florist, just watched the wheels come off.
It was painful, for me and them.

It gets worse:

The flatware that the mob and fob were setting the table with was terribly spotted, so they were scrubbing all the flatware.
They also were setting up plates and glassware.
Then they discovered they were shorted by the rental company.

They then discovered that the desert favors the bride had made
had gotten left in the freezer at their house.
And it was too late to do anything about it.

And they were already terribly behind from the late delivery of dirty chairs.
And starting to get stressed.
And were getting snippy with each other.
And it was all unnecessary.

But they LOVED me, and LOVED their flowers.
And I hated to see such nice people in such a predicament that could have been totally avoided.

The mother of the bride did not get to be the mother of the bride.
She worked like a dog.
She did not get to enjoy her daughters wedding day.
She was too busy polishing flatware, setting the tables and fussing at the rental company.

And it made me sad.

As I left she said "Why, oh WHY did I not hire YOU to take care of ALL of THIS?!?!"
I said "I am so sorry it turned out this way for you"
She said she wished she had it to over again.
But she doesn't.

She thanked me for my extra help, and for the beautiful flowers.

And I thanked her for choosing us to be a part of their special day.

I just wished they had chosen more of me.
And so do they.

So remember, just because you CAN do it all, does NOT mean you SHOULD.

There is a saying "Whatever you are, be a good one"

You are not a planner. You are a mother/sister/friend of bride. Be that.

Let planners be planners.

Florists be florists.

Friends and family should get to be friends and family.

Its a cautionary tale.

Be a part of that wedding in your future with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Your heart should be full of joy, not regret, on the big day.

So here's to joy-filled wedding days!
Leave the angst filled days to the planners. We know how to handle it.
And we love our clients.
The most important thing is to look back on Your Day with no regrets.

Please remember, be a guest at your own wedding or event. We just want you to be happy. We really, truly do!! Work with a professional.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A crazy busy week for us!!!!!!

A busy week is ahead of us.

Saturday we have...A wedding in Cherokee Park and beautiful florals for the River Breeze Wine Event in Downtown Jeffersonville. We have also been asked to provide florals for the "Starry Night Event" in New Albany benefitting the Floyd Count Arts Council.

If you're looking for something to do-- don't crash the wedding, but do try and attend the other events. The River Breeze Event benefits the City Pride group in Jeffersonville. These volunteers help keep the city looking snazzy with flowers and plants and other 'beautification' projects throughout Jeffersonville. The event will take place on the Riverstage at the Lookout. There will be lots of wine and amazing food. It's the place to see and be seen.

The Starry Night event will also have barbeque, and other food, a variety of adult beverages and cigars along with- Juicy Lucy from Glassworks, an ironsmith, very cool art and other interesting features to fund the arts. If for no other reason than to support the arts- go just to see this absolutely beautiful home now a part of the Floyd County Arts Council. It's super and the flowers will be too!

Plenty to do this week!... and both events support great causes.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A quick update..

We've been super busy with weddings!!! Designing them and booking them for just a few weeks out and for next summer.

This pic is just a quick shot of the bride's bouquet from this past weekend. Our bride Lindsay wanted greens with a touch of blue. Her color palette was green, mediterranean blue and creme. Since we were busy setting up things, we didn't have much time for pics. But, not to worry. The lovely Vogue Visions was snapping some great things. We look forward to seeing what her eye captured. Check out her site or contact her with the info below.

Vogue Visions Photography • Phone: 502.609.1869 •

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Seelbach WeddingShow

This past weekend, Jessica and I participated in a wedding show at the Seelbach Hotel. It was definite 'Eye Candy' for anyone in attendance. Beautiful dresses, florals, photos, food and so much more. We were happy to participate and look forward to hopefully working with some of the brides in attendance.

I wish we had more photos to post, but we were busy chatting with happy Brides and Grooms to- be.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dream dreams....

The second part of my trip to Boston is this...along with being there for the Floral Symposium, my first reason for attending was to test for my AIFD certification. Well, this should be simple- heck I've been in the floral business for...let's see...25+ years. Truth be told, this was my second attempt to pass this test. I went for the first time last year and missed passing by one point. As much as it humbled me- there was no way I was accepting defeat. I knew I could pass this test. So I would avenge myself this year. Failure is not an option for me.

The best way to compare this test for someone not in the floral business is to combine every Food Network Show- Chopped, Iron Chef, Cake Challenge and every other super stress inducer and roll it into one four hour episode. As prepared and skilled as you are- you have no idea what you will be asked to design. You have no idea what flowers will be given to you and you have no idea what you will be using as a container for your design. So, you better know how to think on your feet, be really creative and have complete control of your nerves under pressure.

I walked, in found my table, saw what I was designing with -all in my least favorite color palette [of course] and my mind went completely blank. Which was actually a good thing for me. I completely focused and just created. Four hours flew by and so did the rest of my stay in Boston.

I tried not to drive myself crazy rethinking everything, but at times I did. I truly tried to be in the moment of enjoying this opportunity to be with floral friends and fellow testers. I enjoyed the opportunity to assist in the design room and be 'this close' to some of my favorite designers and just take in their creative ideas and conversations. It was such a welcomed moment in time. It was then Monday and time to return home. We would find out the results some time in August..or so we were told.

So where does this rock with the words on it come in??? Well, it was by chance while I was on an early morning walk in Boston, that I saw this. Down a boulevard a few blocks from the hotel, this rock was part of a memorial for a writer and sailor. I just thought it was interesting that on this day - July 4th, I would read these words-- Dream dreams.. then write them..but live them first-

I dreamed many times how I'd feel passing this test- but first I'd have to take the test. I lived it. I did it. And now I'm writing- I passed. I am now AIFD floral designer. The good news came a little early.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Who has not posted in a while???


Time sure flies and what have I been doing? Gosh, let's see.. weddings, weddings, a couple of very detailed funerals..yes, funerals. We've done parties, photo shoots, videos, and traveled to Boston. We've done more weddings and hosted a Wine Walk with just a couple of hundred guests. Now I have time to blog. Oh, we've been doing wedding appointments and custom floral work for home interiors too.

So I've posted a couple of photos from my trip to Boston. I attended the American Institute of Floral Designer's annual Symposium- 'Revolution'. It is the Super Bowl, World Series and World Cup all in one. It's the Oscars, Emmy's, Grammy's and Tony's of the Floral industry.

I cannot put into words the visuals and the photos just don't do the event justice. I will post again in about a month about the Symposium.

In the mean time, I must say the photo of the man with the unusual floral bouquet is Gregor Lersch from Germany. I [along with a few others] was lucky enough to help him and his design assistant- Stefanie, prepare for their presentation. For people not in the floral industry, the only way I can compare my opportunity to do this is with the following... it was like being a film student and someone just told you you were going to assist ----oh, let's see- Meryl Streep or Robert DeNiro. Yes, someone really big, talented and very important within our industry. And I got to help! He was genius, patient, gracious, kind and incredibly talented. He even remembered my name when I returned to the design room to help the second day. The whole group of designers assisting him was wonderful. Some were from Canada some from California- everyone talented. It is amazing to be partnered with people, everyone new to each other with one common tie- flowers.

I did get to see a snippet of Boston, but not much and I'd love to go back. Enjoy the photos- I will post more.

Monday, May 31, 2010

A recent wedding

The wedding season is in full force. We've been busy every weekend since April and there's no end in sight. Every weekend has a wedding, multiple weddings and or and event thrown in.

I'm looking forward to the the photos I should be able to get from the photographers. In the mean time, I've posted a couple of shots from one of three weddings Mother's Day weekend. These were shots we took in our shop. I loved Lauren's choices, peony, stephanotis, hydrangea and LOTS of swarovski crystal. Always a great choice for the bride going for a feminine and old garden look.

We have some great weddings scheduled for this summer and fall. We're definitely ready for the beautiful flowers and creative opportunities ahead of us.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Something Blue Collective

I remember hearing a line in an American Express commercial ... membership has it's privileges. For some reason that has always stuck in my head- maybe because the line can be taken many ways. At the time I guess I thought -Gee, if I have an American Express card somehow I must be special. Well, I have an American Express card, and I have had it for a while, and I can't say I feel any more special than when I didn't have it. It's just a card I have and I rarely use it.

In the past year I have had the opportunity to have membership in a couple of things that have made me feel special. The first was my certification as a Certified Floral Designer with the American Institute of Floral Designers. I have been working towards this goal for a while. I achieved the first part of my goal last summer. This July, I plan to achieve the second half.

The next membership I feel truly privileged to be a part of is the Something Blue Collective. Recently, I received an invitation to become a member. This group includes a limited variety of vendors who are truly passionate about their art and business. I list the art and business as two things because to me, they are similar but not the same. My art is floral design. My business is successfully continuing to keep my art in a positive state of existence. Being sure people are aware of its' existence, consistently producing an excellent product, providing excellent client service and being sure I keep my creative support team employed. It is a huge responsibility.

The Something Blue Collective is a group of local vendors with links to the wedding and event industry. Members include, photographers, event planners, caterers, floral designers, attire, etc. It is an amazing group of individuals all truly passionate about their art and business. If you go to the website, you can get a glimpse of some of the best local talents in the business of weddings and events. I am honored to be considered a member.

Just this past weekend, IC Video shot the info segment for Lavender Hill. Along with video, the team from Deanna Kaye Photography shot images to blend with the video. I was definitely nervous about doing the video. We had a busy weekend with three weddings and Mother's Day and I did not have much sleep. I'm not shy about talking, in any way shape or form. To be honest, I was more worried about giant bags showing under my eyes. Worrying about my hands flying about while I was speaking-- I tend to be very animated while I speak and my hands tend to join in on my conversation. And of all things, I wanted to be sure and articulate the things I felt were important to include in the three minute video. I know the video will be wonderful- just viewing the other member's videos verifies that. But I'm still a little nervous about seeing it. Things were just a little busy in the shop and the video and photo crew was incredibly patient. Getting to experience their professionalism, see the amazing equipment they use and how well they blended their two arts was really wonderful. This alone made me again so very happy to be a part of this group.

Check back for the video. In the mean time, check out the website and take the time to view the other member's video. Go to their website and learn more about what they have to offer. You will very glad you did.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something to Celebrate.. in Paradise

This past Monday, my husband and I returned from a trip- 25 years in the making. We went to Key West to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Never did I really think, 25- actually 30+ years ago [we dated for 5 1/2 years] that I could ever love someone more than the day I married him. I knew I'd heard that expression, but I always thought- how could it EVER be better than this? Oh, such a naive girl I was.

It has been an amazing journey from a simple apartment to our first tiny- REALLY tiny house, to the next house and more. Two absolutely wonderful, smart, loving confident children- now young adults moving into their own careers. I truly felt if we got raising the kids right- an absolute must- the rest would be gravy. It is. It has been a great journey and I'm truly looking forward to the next 25+ years. I always hope for the best with every Bride and Groom I meet. It's never always easy and truly takes commitment, but the payoff is priceless.

Now, on to the photo. If you want a beautiful place to stay in Key West definitely check into The Reach Resort. It's simply beautiful. Not too big or small, a beautiful beach and pool, beautiful accommodations- it's simply perfect. Fly in-because the drive from Miami is four hours. You will want to get there as quickly as possible so, book the first flight in and the last flight home- you won't want to leave.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not just weddings and parties....

I know we're known in the area for our wedding and party work..which we love to do. Another part of our business involves doing the floral work for funerals.

We truly LOVE doing sympathy work. We look at that request as a compliment. The fact that someone specifically calls us to send the last floral tribute to their friend or loved one is a very special request.

Recently, Jessica spoke with a family member requesting a garden-like setting to surround their loved one's memorial urn. I think she did a great job creating the garden as our client envisioned. An assortment of beautiful seasonal blooming plants, branches and grasses- all of which can then be planted into the family's actual garden. It was designed complete with rocks, moss and butterflies. A beautiful memorial.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Contagious!!!

News flash !!!

Many of our Male clients are Contagious!! They have been diagnosed with the Love Bug. The only cure is getting engaged.

We can't say who it is-- you know with all of the privacy rules in effect and everything.. but he's got the ring and she's-

It's so cool to be in on the secret !! Congratulations Mr. X !!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't wait!!

Oh, my gosh! We have been booking appointments like Crazy!!

If you have a 2010 wedding or event don't wait to call us to discuss the floral details. We have been meeting with lots of super excited people regarding their parties this year. Some dates are definitely booked. Mother's Day weekend- two lucky girls snagged Friday and Saturday. And we never do two that weekend! Or typically even one- for that matter but, they both called within hours of each other. Since one was Friday and one Saturday, we booked it.

There are some wonderful new venues around. The Bliss Ballroom just opened in New Albany. It can accommodate up to 300 people. It has a huge hardwood floor with a balcony area that surrounds about one third of the room. Giant windows, lots of natural light. Check it out.

And for your rehearsal dinner. DEFINITELY check out Cozza Restaurant in Downtown Jeffersonville. It is amazing. The chef is fantastic. The menu fresh, seasonal, local and unique. Their prices- very good, especially when you see what is available to you.

I'd love to write more.. but I have proposals to type.. One word of advice.. if you can find it in your budget, for piece of mind seriously consider hiring a Day-of Coordinator. They are worth the investment to ensure a stress-free day. You will not lose control of what you want. They just make sure everything is taken care of as you wish so you and your groom [and Mom] can just enjoy the day.

Make today great!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A great backdrop...

We were very busy in the fall season.. These couple of photos were from yet another October wedding. What was different about this wedding was the Bride's original thought for the ceremony location. Believe it or not- it was the parking lot of the Clubhouse in an upscale subdivision. After further discussing the choice of the parking lot, I discovered the main reason was they hadn't thought of the clubhouse itself-- or better yet, the gigantic rugged quarry wall behind it.

So, I painted a great visual and said trust me.. and they did. Just outside the back doors of the clubhouse was a beautiful in ground pool with a charming pool house. Along with that, was a beautiful crescent shaped pergola. My suggestion- use the gigantic stone wall as the backdrop with the pergola in front. Keeping within budget, I suggested ribbon and flower garlands for the simple but visually effective decor. I think seeing the photos we accomplished our goal. Major color, keep within budget, make it simple but visually memorable. Enjoy

A Fall Wedding

I thought I'd already posted these photos and then realized I hadn't. These are just a few shots from a wonderful wedding we did in October.

Our Bride and Groom Stephanie and Cory, were wonderful to work with. Many months prior to the wedding, Cory surprised his Bride to be Stephanie with a floral arrangement for her birthday. Not just any arrangement, but one that consisted of the flowers that she selected for her wedding bouquet. It looked lovely and she loved getting to have a sneak peak of what was coming in October.

When the big day came, the weather was absolutely perfect. She looked absolutely beautiful in her perfectly fitted dress. Best wishes for many happy years to come.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Customer Appreciation Day !!!! Tomorrow, Feb. 16 3-7pm

You are invited to stop by the shop tomorrow..brave the snow, because we'll have sweet treats waiting for you!

Just a simple Thank You!!! for your continued support our our business. We truly appreciate being your florist. Stop in, say hello and eat some yummy treats. We look forward to seeing you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Gift for you!!!

WOW ! do we have a great gift to pair with your Valentine's Day Flower order- A $50. dollar gift certificate good towards a night's stay at the Admiral Bicknell Bed and Breakfast in Downtown Historic New Albany.

It is truly one of my absolute favorite homes in the area. It's spacious, detailed, cozy and beautiful all in one space. It's not that "don't sit on that!"- "don't touch that!" it's the kind of house you'd love to say-- "I live there".

So strings attached- buy your flowers from us and receive a $50. gift certificate. Call us ASAP!!!! Go to their website for more photos and info on the home.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Love.. Peace.. Flowers

Well, the big day is coming...we're not talking about someone's wedding. It's Valentine's Day, this Sunday.

Of course flowers are the best least we think so. First you'd be surprised how many people have never received flowers. Second, you get an instant reaction when they're received. So what better to accompany a gift of flowers than a gift of love.

What's that? Well, a Kama Sutra weekender kit. If you're with someone you love..we shouldn't have to explain this gift too much. It's purely meant for you to enjoy a great weekend with each other. Plain and simple. We have a couple of variations available. One has a scented travel candle with it. One, a little larger, has a few more treats in the box. It's just a fun 'lovie' gift for two.

We only have a few available, so don't delay. Call ahead if you'd like us to hold one for you. We're not kidding, we have six total.
Have a great weekend. Love Peace Flowers

Monday, February 01, 2010

Valentine's Day Flower and Gift Info...

Here's what's available in our shop for Valentine's Day... Remember it falls on a Sunday this year. don't put off sending the perfect flowers or finding a perfect gift. We're here to help and have some beautiful as well as fun gifts.

Give us a call at 812-288-2388. We'll deliver anything in the shop with a minimum $25. purchase.

#1 Classic Romance $69-
One Dozen Roses designed in vase
Red- Luxor pink- Coral- Yellow
Lavender or White

#1Petite- Half Dozen roses $37.50

#2 Tulip Delight $45-
A fun bubble bowl of Dutch Tulips
with wild willow accent

#3 Love You Lots $75/$85/$95
Mixed vase design including
Lilies, roses and other blossoms

#4 Sweet Love $45/$55/$65
Seasonal mix of flowers including
some roses

#5 Jungle Love $65/$85/$95
Exotic Tropicals including an
assortment of the jungle’s finest

#6 Big Love $150.
One dozen roses OR Mixed design
AND a Papering Basket including
Candle, Lavender Eye Pillow and Sweet Cupcake Treat

#7 Be My Bud $25.
Budvase with two beautiful
Roses and wispy accents

#8 Chic Chick $25.
Colorful Gerbera Daisies
With wispy accents

#9 Basket of Love $35/$45/$55
Assortment of holiday flowers
Including roses

shop hours: mon-fri 9-5:30
sat 10-4 holiday hours
open Sunday 14th 10-3 no deliveries*
*shopping and pick up orders only

A Little Extra Something…
Available in limited quantities….

Cream filled giant cupcakes
Chocolate/Red Velvet/ Vanilla
$4.25 ea --easily shared by two

Luscious, soft, giant caramels
Sea salt or regular buttery flavor
5/4.25pkg—you’ll be craving these

Teddy Bears
$7.95 $10.95 and up

‘Barking’ Yorkie

Mylar balloons $3.50ea

Luck in Love ‘Lottery’ tickets $1.00ea

Other gift items in the shop include..

-Kama Sutra Gift sets, Couple’s fun
-Lavender scented Eye Pillows
-Artisan made jewelry gifts..earrings, necklaces and bracelets
-Scented candles, very fragrant
-Greeting Cards
-Book marks, Key chains and much more

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We can turn your flowers into lovely stationary...

We can now offer a unique keepsake from your wedding. We have paired with a special company that can turn your wedding bouquet into 100% recycled thank-you note cards with wildflower seeds embedded in the paper. When your guest plants the cards, it creates a wildflower garden.

All you have to do is collect some of the flowers from your wedding- your bouquet, centerpieces or whatever you'd like to use. The flowers are shipped to the paper artisans and the process begins. Once the process is started you will have your notecards back to you in about two weeks. What a great gift to yourself and your guests. This would also be a great idea for your bridal registry- have family or friends contribute to your desire to have these beautiful handmade notecards. Less cost for you and your friends and family are giving you something they know you really want.

The cost for 50 notecards is $200. This includes all of the costs of shipping and handling. If you want to get really creative, the paper produced from the flowers could also be used as a matte behind some favorite photos from your wedding.

Flowers from any personal occasion can be used as your flower source.. be it a new baby arrangement, sympathy flowers, graduation flowers or just a collection of your favorite flowers.

As a special offer through February we're going to save you 20% on your notecard order. Just mention you saw the details on our blog.

For more information, give us a call. We'll have more details on our website very shortly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some of the "New Arrivals" coming soon

I returned from my power shopping trip and business weekend late last night.

While at the Merchandise Mart, I tried to select a variety of gift items to suit every gift giving occasion. I just posted a few of the many new things arriving really soon.

We've had a lot of requests for Piggy Banks- yes, Piggy Banks. We thought if we need to find Piggy Banks they better be cute..and hold lots of money. These are really cute. They come in pink and green and blue and green. Along with the Piggies we found Elephants. We do carry super adorable bears from Bearington. If you know our shop- you know we don't do 'cutesy' but, these Elephants are adorable and super squeezie.

Another new thing we'll be doing at the shop is --Tea. We'll be scheduling dates for small groups to have tea with their friends at the shop. This will be after hours on Saturdays or Sundays as our calendar permits. We are looking forward to hosting our friends and their friends, gardening groups and more. We'll have a couple of different activities available to pair with the tea. You may choose to have us do a floral or cooking demo.

So, as we host our tea parties-we'll be carrying some tea gifts, beginning with individual tea pots- Tea for One. As more things are scheduled to arrive, we'll try and post photos. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going Green...20 for 20

Our latest New Year-Going Greener

We always try and do as much as we can to be as green as possible. We reuse the water in buckets when we wash them. Use cloth towels rather than paper towels as much as possible throughout the shop. We use both sides of paper. Recycle the boxes and paper our flowers get shipped in and more.

So what else can we do to include the community and our current and hopefully future clients? We'll include them in our recycling efforts by rewarding them.

Our 20 for 20 program is plain and simple. Bring in 20 vases and we'll give you $20. in flowers. We know there are lots of lonely vases sitting in a closet, under the kitchen sink and in the garage waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers. We of course need the vases to be in good condition. We cannot use vases that are chipped or cracked. Budvases count 2 for 1.
Now, you don't have to bring them in all at once. Bring in what you have and we'll keep track of the count on your own 20 for 20 card. When you hit 20 get a lovely wrapped bouquet of seasonal flowers. Just remember to save at least one vase for your new bouquet.

Join us in our efforts. We win, you win, the vases win.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Weddings to Go~ It's finally here!

Weddings to Go is a new approach for quick and easy flower selecting for today's busy Brides. If you are a Bride really focused on simplicity in flower choice and are very budget conscious, this is a perfect option for you.

Weddings to Go allows you to choose from the two most popular flowers requested for weddings~Roses and Calla Lilies. We have streamlined the options for both. By doing that we have capped the pricing to reflect a beautiful bouquet that is still affordable. You have a firm price and all you have to do is decide on the color of the rose being used in the bouquets. Or for the Calla Bouquets, you tell us how many stems you would like to include to determine the total cost for each bouquet. Tell us what color ribbon you would like us to wrap your bouquets in and consider it checked off your 'To-do' list. There is also a simple solution for all of your boutonnieres and corsages- just tell us how many and what color. It's that simple! All of the prices are listed.

If you would like florals for your ceremony or reception, flower options are also listed. Again, just tell us what you need. You can review the photos on the website for any additional personalized details like an upgrade on ribbon and pearls or crystals added into bouquets. At any time, if you have questions please give us a call. Weddings to Go is designed to avoid having a detailed consultation..but if you have questions, contact us. We're here to help!

Weddings to Go is designed to simplify cost. With that, your floral order will be labeled and packed for easy traveling. Like any of the flowers leaving Lavender Hill, we know you'll be completely satisfied with your choice. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your special day.