Thursday, July 30, 2009

We've been slacking..

Not really...and I have proof of that with some of the photos from some recent weddings.

We've kept busy in May and June.  July is typically a little quiet. The weather is a little too toasty for some brides. So we find other things to keep us busy.. and we've kept busy.

The couple of weddings I've posted are from June and July weddings. One bride wanted to incorporate her fondness for "ditch lilies" in her wedding colors. She loved the beautiful orange lilies commonly found on the side of the roads in this area. We went more for the color scheme oranges with hot pink. We didn't use the roadside lilies- but their sophisticated asian lily cousins- because they hold up unlike the roadside ones. She infused the bright colors throughout and the photos look great. Her photographer was Biermans in Floyds Knobs.

Our other bride went for sophisticated callas for herself and a gardeny mix for her attendants. This lucky bride currently resides in Holland and returned home for the wedding. It was wonderful working with her. I must say I was quite jealous to her she had to honeymoon in Austria. It's rough but I'm sure someone has to do it!  Congratulations to them and our other Summer brides. I wish I had photos of all of them. -- Do check out our Facebook page, Lavender Hill Floral. We do have more info and photos posted there.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mission Executed

Mission executed. The photos are just a few shots from the hotel lobby where the symposium took place. I will post more on our Facebook page. 

As I’m returning home and almost home in the Chicago airport.. I am reflecting on what I have experienced and done these past few days. Basically, what have I learned? 

First, there really is no place like home.. and like Dorothy, only until you’re gone do you appreciate it more.

Second, I’m really glad I switched my major from nursing to floral. I truly, passionately love what I do. Getting to go on this trip reassured this even more me. Not that I ever doubted it.

Third, I have truly amazing and priceless people working with me. While I was gone, Jessica and Joyce held down the shop. Jessica’s friend Jyn graciously came in and helped while Grace was also away. I knew I would not have to worry. They organized and hosted our shop in the first Wine Walk in the historic district. {Grace made it back in time to experience the Wine Walk.} I’ve been told it was a huge success. The shop looked amazing- of course, and over 400 people mixed and mingled. I heard we had great compliments on the shop and flowers- of course, they did a great job! Our complete goal is to always make Lavender Hill a beautiful place to visit and shop for beautiful flowers.


So, while I was gone, I met new friends. I was gone on a wonderful educational experience. I and about 118 other designers came together to test our design skills. It was nerve wracking. Even thought you know what you know, is it enough? No. There’s always more to learn. You don’t know what you’re going to be asked to create. You don’t know what flowers, greenery or containers you will be given. You only know it’s complete quiet for 4 hours. You try not to loose it. You focus and just create. It was a definite experience and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend and participate.


While at the Symposium I had the opportunity to help out in the massive design room. Wonderful designers from all over the world combined forces to create the Symposium for this year. Although I didn’t get to stay for the whole event, the behind the scenes were amazing. Beautiful flower-tens of thousands of them in every color imaginable. It was breathtaking!.. and also very cold. The design room is kept very cold while all of this work is in progress. The presenting designers were from the US and abroad. Their programs were designed to make the attendant’s think beyond the normal- although I know none of us think in a normal way. I mean that in a very good way. So, from the glimpse I saw, the event was going to be absolutely spectacular.


I hope that next year I will able to attend and participate beyond what I was able to do this year. I have a great imagination so I can picture it already.. reconnect with the friends I made this year and really enjoy the Symposium – the WHOLE Symposium.

I’m almost home and it feels really good.




Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My trip begins… prepare yourself, this is long.

Airport experiences and observance… Starbucks is Perfection.  People on Bluetooth are beyond annoying. One particular lady has followed me from Starbucks to Gate B-17. I think either she’s deaf or the person she’s bellowing to on her Bluetooth is.  It’s beyond rude. How can they not realize this. I don’t care about how many million pieces you’re trying to get into production. You’re annoying.

Mothers with children should not reprimand them in public with a boisterous tone. It’s kind of an oxymoron to yell at your child to be quiet and behave when your behavior is more obnoxious than his. He’s maybe 4?? And you’re  how old????

I love little old Grandmas- they’re precious. Especially ones that wear bobby pins in their hair and thick eyeglasses. And little old men with wool Irish walking caps. They remind me of my grandfather.

So, my flight departs. No problems. A baby took my seat.. well, she was cute and mom and dad wanted to sit together- How could I say no? Hopefully she’ll be quiet.  And she doesn’t let me down. I watched her curiously watch the little boy behind her. She drooled and sucked on her mom’s seat- unbeknownst to mom.  A newbie flyer in the next row. No problems with her. Give me my peanuts and ginger ale. Read my magazine. Learned some new things about Premium Alstromeria. Enough reading.

It’s time for music. Where’s the ipod? I know I charged the thing before I went to bed. But I must not have turned it off. Well, that stinks- but I still have power.  What to listen to?? Okay..Montell Jorden- tell me.. Is this how we do it??  I don’t like it this way, I have to not sing- lucky for the guy next to me and I cannot dance.. So now I realize I look like a real dufus as I catch myself trying so hard not to bob my head to the right like the knuckleheads in the movie The Roxbury. Wow, that’s a visual for you.

And the plane descends and the angels sing as I land in my favorite place--- Chicago. Oh, sweet home!! I depart the plane and what is the first thing I smell?? Yes,why of course- PIZZA. .and again, the angels. Now I wait til 11:40 for my secret destination.

I wonder how things are going at the shop?? Do I call?? NO.. because my girls ROCK and they are taking care of business

Yippee! I’m here. Luggage is here with my top secret contents. So I ask the Airport helper lady ‘is there one Hyatt?’ Yes, dial #36 for a pick up. Okay. Lucky me, the shuttle is here right now. Ten minutes later, I’m at the hotel. Hmmm? Something doesn’t look right. I thought from past secret missions the hotel would have been larger. So, I ask ‘is this the only Hyatt?’ Nice desk clerk replies… well, I think you want to go to the location downtown. So, now I have to wait for a cab to take me there half hour wait, half hour trip. So… I try and get online while I’m waiting. I hear I have a bride who has called 3 times today wanting an email from me. Jessica has handled it fine explaining I’m in the air.

A half hour is snipped by 20 minutes. Well, this is different.. a nifty white suburban pulls up, clean, smoke free..leather seats??? Well yeah.. Please nice foreign man—Russian I’m guessing- take me to the right hotel. Fine Miss Lady… and $50 later here I am. Yes, $50.!!

So, I’ve checked in. The 19th floor. The room is nice, the bed huge, the bath stuff… yummy. Ginger peach.. divine. Oh, darling friend Kim would love this. So, I’ll eat. I made a bad choice since I’m eating alone. A Ruben?? Really Carolyn, what were you thinking? Eat light. You do have to sleep. God, I need chocolate. I knew I should have gotten the huge chunk of fudge too –I would have slowly- savored it.. but I knew I was kidding myself. I’d have devoured it. So, I didn’t buy it. I’m kind of glad now, but I would like just one bite.

Well, now I’m chilling in the hotel lobby. Trying to discreetly scope out people who may be here for the same reason I am.  So far, no one.

I must end today’s account and focus on tomorrow. Because Yes, I can.