Saturday, May 30, 2009

We're still looking---and waiting..

Well, we're still asking the Flower Faeries to send us a wonderful floral designer- and they haven't gotten back to us. 

As if we haven't been busy enough- the really tough weekend hasn't even happened yet. So, please Faeries, find us a designer. We need help and a day off.  Just look at our Facebook pages- Jessica and I look very tired.

It's been forever..

..Since I last posted. I dread when it's been so long. First because I love posting. But more so, because now I have too much to catch up on.

I notice my last post was around Derby time. We were busy, but I did notice the subliminal impact of the economy on otherwise typical festivities. We have always been fortunate to have Derby work even though we're on the 'wrong' side of the river. But we did notice our corporate clients did cut back on some parties. Even so we were grateful for the floral work we did get to create and look forward to Derby '10.

After Derby, we had a visit from 117 First Graders from Floyds Knobs Elementary. Yes, that's right- 117 little ones the week we had 4 events- and we survived! 

The wonderful Joyce, spoke with the kids- and she and Jyn helped them make 'Smilies'. It sounded like everyone had fun. I know Joyce can't wait until the next visit !  

Monday, May 04, 2009

We're looking for someone Fabulous!!

In other words.. we're hiring. We are looking for a fabulous, talented, creative floral designer to join us in the shop. Part time for now.. but our goal is more than that. 

If you or someone you know fits the bill- pass the word on. You must have shop experience- that means although you may play with flowers at home, dream of flowers or think it would be 'so much fun to work in a flower shop'.. it's a little bit different actually working in the shop. So, shop experience is a must. . and you must be versatile is all areas of current design. You have to be personable, cool under pressure, able to think on your feet, be a team player, self starter and not be a Diva- The only Diva in the shop is Lulu the cat.- 

Please tell us all of your details in an email and we'll follow up.