Saturday, January 26, 2008

Upcoming Events

Well, I have the dates for our upcoming events for the spring season..

The 'Spring Fling' is scheduled for Saturday, March 8 from 10-3. This event includes our shop as well as the other great shops along downtown historic Spring Street. If you haven't been to this before, it's a really nice way to get to see the rest of the shops in a leisurely way. The Easter Bunnies will be strolling, people will be enjoying treats, and the shops will be filled with beautiful things to inspire you for warm weather and outdoor living -once again. Spring cannot come soon enough.

Then.. Thurday, April 3, from 6-9pm select shops including ours, will be hosting local Artisans for our second 'Art on Spring'. Our previous showing was a definite success and our artists received many compliments. We are very excited about the new artisans we'll be working with. the shop..Lots of beautiful spring plants have arrived. If you stop in the shop, you can at least pretend Spring is here. It smells wonderful, looks colorful and has a happy atmosphere to calm the senses and warm your soul.

Thanks for reading..
Carolyn and Lulu

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look what's coming !!

I'm so excited to show you a glimpse of what's coming for early Spring !

We have carried the LaVieParisienne jewelry and it has flown out of the, some lovely pieces will be arriving again. Look for the Fleur de lis and horse shoe necklace, and other silver lockets along with some beautiful bracelets in antique silver and gold.

I have found a wonderful line of truly handmade soaps..yes, made in small batches of about 36 bars. Made in Brooklyn, new York. They're made with olive oil and all natural ingredients..some with butter- yum! The wrappers are little works of art and I'm very excited to get these in the shop.

We'll also begin getting our beautiful bulb plants, more orchids [love 'em! ] and fab spring flowers ranunculus, anemone, french tulips, forcythia, flowering branches and lots of other lovelies. So, stay tuned.

Oh, and I'm getting ready to do the Wedding Show at Garden Court-- if you're getting married stop by.. This is a wonderful show..not just because we're there.. it's a visual delight. I have been lucky enough to get invited every year...there's a waiting list for vendors- so, lucky us. I'm still planning my details of what I'll bring. I do know I'll be located in the atrium...brrr- it tends to be just a little chilly out there--but it's great for the flowers.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of this cold weekend. Stay warm, have some hot chocolate, grab your honey and snuggle up.

All the best-

Carolyn and Lulu

Monday, January 14, 2008

Read our blog..get rewards !!

So... the goal for the new year is more traffic to our blog.

After a little pondering, I've decided to use our blog as the source for our clients old and new to learn more about Lavender Hill. Not just about the wonderful events we get to do, but the connection - if you will, between our shop and the people who help to keep our doors open.

My goal is to use this blog as a source for information, let you know when new things will be arriving, to announce in store sales, and more. I hope this space encourages our clients to 'speak' to us and let us know what they -you, are looking to find at Lavender Hill.

A couple of upcoming things...We know Valentine's Day is coming--please place your order as early as possible. If you mention you read our blog, we will add a gift certificate for a free rose and votive candle. No bribes...we just want to reward you for reading. This reward will be good only through February 13th...remember, we want you to call ahead.

We should be receiving our huge candle order any day now. All the wonderful scents from Archipelago. These amazing candles flew out of the shop during the holiday season. Some favorite scents were Positano, Venus..and of course Havana.

Also, if you're planning a wedding this year, please be sure to go to the Garden Court Wedding Show on Sunday, Feb. 3-- Yes, it's Superbowl Sunday- you'll be done with plenty of time to make the parties. To encourage your mate to attend, remember... there will be lots of food, delicious cake and a visual feast for the eyes... beautiful flowers- of course!, dresses and all of the vendors you need for the big day. Pencil the date on your calendar and stop by.

Thanks for reading...
All the best-
Carolyn and Lulu