Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Beautiful Labor Day Wedding

We got a sneak peek at the photos from our Labor Day Weekend wedding- one of two events for us. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Adrienne made great choices for her flowers; but no matter how great the flower choice, if the photographer can't capture the details it never quite shows. Adrienne's photographer did an amazing job in capturing the details. I have only seen a few of the photos on her blog. You can go here to   www.carpenterpd.com/blog  to look at the rest.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

50 Years..?!! Well, that deserves a party!!

We've had a couple of crazy weeks with some amazing parties. We had the opportunity to do the floral for two 50th Anniversary parties. I was able to snap some photos from one and we look forward to seeing the photos from the other.

The request made by the "Bride" was gardenias-- in everything! The scent definitely filled the room. Every arrangement on the dining tables had five gardenias with almost three dozen deep red roses and another twenty dianthus.

There were three very large ice sculptures, one at the entrance, flanked by another rose arrangement, this one with seven dozen roses, two dozen dianthus and seven gardenias. Another seven dozen roses decorated the staircase leading guests to the celebration area.

Another ice sculpture was on the food buffet with another arrangement with five dozen roses and gardenias. This ice sculpture was a large angel which had more gardenias displayed with it. 

The cake table had the only white arrangement at the party. It was a very full arrangement of white hydrangea, white snapdragon and white stock. It was placed on an illuminated vase.

From what I heard, it was quite the party. The "Bride and Groom" had a wonderful time with family and friends.

A summer wedding..

One of our lovely brides from earlier this summer recently posted some of her photos. I happened to be setting up another wedding that day and never got the chance to see Elizabeth. It was really nice to see the final result with the the bride, the dress and all of the other details we discussed during the appointments.

Elizabeth and her mom did a lot of planning. They wired swarovski crystal for me to insert into   her bouquet along with a favorite crystal butterfly.

Even though rain did sprinkle down at one point, the day turned out wonderful and Elizabeth looked fantastic.