Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fringe Candles arrived today!!

More good things arrived today. Two wonderful packages 
arrived containing beautiful Fringe Candles and some very unique Fringe Vases.

The candles are poured in beautiful glass containers that can be recycled into a really nice vase. We thought the print on the glass was very unique and something we hadn't seen anywhere. We have 6 different styles available.

The actual vases have a similar transfer botanical art and come in two different sizes. We have three different patterns available.

We hope you'll get a chance to stop in and see them. Don't forget, the Spring Fling Open House is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Birdnests, Chics, and Baby Toes

Last night Jessica, Giselle and I went to a design show at our Floral Market.  We're always on the lookout for unique plants..the more unusual the better- at least for us. So I posted a couple of the nifty plants we now have in the shop.

The first is a very large and beautiful Birdnest Fern. We have another one in the shop- it's beautiful, but normal in size. This one is pretty, darn big. It's about 3 feet in diameter with lots of new leaves unfolding.

The second photo is a giant "Chic".  It's about the size of a dinner plate. We have patiently waited for quite a while to get our hands on one. And since they had two, we quickly snatched them up. Yay us!

And the last photo is Baby's Toes! We just love them. They're cute and little and green and when you rub them they really do feel like you're playing -Piggy went to market. Talk about cheap therapy to make you feel good. Stop in and you'll chill out- there's nothing better than feeling calm and happy..and the plants can definitely do that for you.

The pretty stuff has arrived!

Some of the "pretty things" have arrived for the 
Spring Fling scheduled for Saturday, April 4th.

We have some wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, Mother's Day, Administrative Professional's Day or just because. The lavender eye pillows smell wonderful. They are made with a beautiful soft fabric embroidered with pretty poppies and come in 3 colors.. pink, red, and orange. They're handmade and stuffed with organic lavender.

The Shea Butter and Lavender Shea Butter [shown in the silver tins] smells divine! It really hydrates your skin and is not greasy. Just a little goes a long way- no kidding.

And then the Archipelago candles.. ..they look great, and truly scent a room. All of the favorites are back in stock. The poured candles shown are $22. and the votives are $3.50 ea. 

We hope you'll get a chance to pop in for the Open House. We'll have lots of beautiful things to brighten your home, get you ready for Spring's upcoming 'local holidays'- Thunder and Derby, and just give you a chance to stop back in the historic district and visit the local businesses.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A Wedding from last Summer

 much to say about this wedding. The couple, the planning, the details, the end results.
Lots of work, many refined plans and Jessica's first wedding with me and Lavender Hill. It's time I posted the photos. The photographer was excellent..I just wish I had more of her photos.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Become our Friend on Facebook

We now have a correct official page on Facebook.   Lavender Hill Floral

We are hoping you will use both our blog and Facebook as a source to find out what's going on at the shop. Both of these great forms of communication will help us keep you up to date on what we're doing, what new products are available, sales, invitations to nifty events and more. 

We also plan to use Facebook as another place to feature photos of the weddings, events and great arrangements that we get to create. Although we do post some photos here, Facebook will allow more space and that means more photos in albums- for quick reference. So please, be our Friend.. you can never have too many.