Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Something to Celebrate.. in Paradise

This past Monday, my husband and I returned from a trip- 25 years in the making. We went to Key West to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Never did I really think, 25- actually 30+ years ago [we dated for 5 1/2 years] that I could ever love someone more than the day I married him. I knew I'd heard that expression, but I always thought- how could it EVER be better than this? Oh, such a naive girl I was.

It has been an amazing journey from a simple apartment to our first tiny- REALLY tiny house, to the next house and more. Two absolutely wonderful, smart, loving confident children- now young adults moving into their own careers. I truly felt if we got raising the kids right- an absolute must- the rest would be gravy. It is. It has been a great journey and I'm truly looking forward to the next 25+ years. I always hope for the best with every Bride and Groom I meet. It's never always easy and truly takes commitment, but the payoff is priceless.

Now, on to the photo. If you want a beautiful place to stay in Key West definitely check into The Reach Resort. It's simply beautiful. Not too big or small, a beautiful beach and pool, beautiful accommodations- it's simply perfect. Fly in-because the drive from Miami is four hours. You will want to get there as quickly as possible so, book the first flight in and the last flight home- you won't want to leave.