Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year with New Hopes

A New Year is...another chance, another opportunity, a do-over, and most of all a Fresh Start.

Everyone experienced many things in 2008-good and bad. I think most people are glad to say-
Good bye.

So, out with the old and in with the new! What are you looking forward to??

As for me?.. my list includes in no particular order-
Figure out how to work my Apple more efficiently and learn how to use photoshop.  For those of you that know how to photoshop- stop laughing. Yes, I am that incompetent.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with many new clients, both corporate and private. I'm looking forward to some wonderful weddings and party work. I can't wait for the amazing fresh flowers that are getting ready to grow- just for me to play with.

I am looking forward to celebrating my twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. I think twenty -nine years with the same person is pretty cool. Yes, do the math -we dated for five years. And better yet, is the fact that he still makes me melt.

I will enjoy redecorating my home [since it didn't sell- it's now new again- to me!]

I am looking forward to SPRING!! Beautiful blooming plants, beautiful, colorful window boxes, and warm weather once again.

I am excited to test for AIFD.. and I hope to have an amazingly creative day when I step into that testing room in Kansas City. Because I plan to leave Kansas City with the confidence of knowing I will get a letter in August that says I can put the four letters A I F D after my name.

And, as if I'm not planning for enough.. I hope for continued health, inner peace and happiness for myself, family, friends and clients. Because  without those three things the rest is a little less likely to happen.

Have a wonderful New Year- 2009 should be quite interesting, to say the least.

All the Best!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Guess who can sing.. and who can't??

I am beyond thrilled that my Christmas shopping is nearly complete. Seeing that it's only a couple of days away you'd think I'd be finished. Well, heck no. Only a few special people are left on the list for a few little things. Anyway...

I need to back up a bit.. earlier in the month, I had a birthday. My darling hubby and kids thought I should grow up and get an Apple.. I think secretly my hubby wanted my current laptop to surf Ebay and of course I was right. It worked in my favor regardless..I got a laptop. Now, I am in the progress of figuring out all of the nuances of an's definitely different than my other laptop. So I feel like I'm having to learn a new language.

So what did I learn today??? Well, I learned that the ear plugs from my Ipod work on my laptop. It sounds great! And what else did I learn?? My hubby told me that I cannot sing??? What?? I sound great! At least I do in my head. But he insists I'm wrong. All I can say is I am sooo glad my daughter introduced me to  Now I can listen to all of the George Michael I want and sing as badly as I can-- because I cannot hear myself. This is GREAT !!

Oh, and who can sing??? Well, that would be Jessica.. yep- she has the voice of an angel. And she has friend that sing too, and they're talented as musicians too. Gosh, some people.   

Saturday, December 06, 2008

We're getting NOTHING for Christmas!!

We're getting nothing for Christmas.. and we know it. We were very bad. We took advantage of Santa's chair being at the shop and took naughty photos in it. We will probably get coal-- which could be a good thing considering the economy- at least that could provide heat. But, none the less- we were overcome with silliness. We figured 'what the heck, the Big Guy isn't coming back any time soon.'
So, like Goldilocks, we frolicked in the giant chair. We tried to figure out when he'd gone to Egypt to snag this ugly specimen. Egyptian chair- Santa...?? it didn't make sense to us, but we played anyway.
We didn't know it, but Santa Came back today, Saturday. He informed us he'll be back to our shop every Saturday until Christmas. Great!! now we really do have to behave.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Calling all Marthas..Class is in Session Tuesday, December 16

If you've ever wondered--'what nifty things could I come up with for a last minute hostess gift, inexpensive decor gift or quick gift wrap idea?'-- then you should take our fun class- Holiday Ideas 101

We will be holding our class at Lavender Hill on Tuesday, December 16 at 7pm. We have room for 12 people for our first class. We promise to make if fun and keep things on course to end by 8:30.

The class will be $20. per person. Our class will cover quick gift wrapping ideas, you'll make a simple centerpiece and learn how to create additional quick centerpieces from things you may already have in your home.  We also want your input on things you want to learn how to do.

If you're interested call the shop at 288-2388 or email us and let us know your coming. Martha said she would come - but we said 'No'-that's a Good Thing- she would just be too distracting... 

Blooming Carpet

Talk about a custom made carpet!! I just received this photo from our favorite Photog Princess- Stef- This would be amazing to see in person. Just thought I'd share- Thanks, Stef.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Invitations and a Special Offer for you!

Did you know we not only have FABULOUS Flowers but also FABULOUS Invitations ? That's right.. We can design amazing florals for your wedding or event AND you can save at least 20% on your invitations to your hip soiree. And, as if that's not enough.. mention you saw this on our blog and you'll receive *free* thank you notes for your wedding shower. If we're doing the flowers, you'll save on the invitations- it's that simple.
Also, if you didn't know already- we have rentals. Candelabra, gorgeous vases, lots of glass items, silver candle lighters for the unity candle, silver cake plateaus and more. The most fabulous thing is we also carry linens. Gorgeous, luxe, decadant linens- even hard to find colors- for all of the guest's tables, just your wedding party or just you and your new spouse. Linens can completely transform the atmosphere.. of course with beautiful flowers sitting on top of them!--All available to rent from us.
You don't have to go to Louisville. Southern Indiana does have a variety of amazing event vendors- and many of them are our favorites. We know how to spoil our Brides and Grooms and their families with excellent service and products.
And one last thing.. we also offer wedding/event coordination. If you need direction or just want someone experienced to handle the details so you can just enjoy your day, we can do it! We have many years in this event business and are always researching the nations' latest trends. New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Palm Beach-- we have friends in lots of places. It's our job to be in the know...and we love to share ideas. If we're booked, we have fellow event planners we love to refer to- they're amazing too- or we wouldn't work with them. We have very cool friends.
Give us a call. Schedule an appointment. We'd love to meet you and hear all about your plans.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Marianne's wedding -- Part II

On my way back from my wedding at Farmington, I stopped by Glassworks where Jessica's friend Marianne was getting married. First, I must say Jessica worked her buns off. Working 'til three in the morning to be sure things got done..yes, we really do have to work insane hours on some events- but it is always worth it.

Although there were two official photographers, Stefanie being one of them, I snapped a few photos to post. Unfortunately, my photos don't show all of the detail of the color and designs infused throughout the wedding and reception. The main floral color was chartreuse and truffle. So the table decor leaned towards the shades of green. The bride's bouquet combined both the ivory and truffle. It was a bundled bouquet of mini calla lilies accented with plum toned feathers collaring the bouquet. Marianne also included a silver Fleur de lis pin on her bouquet stems and on many of the items used at the reception.

I'm sure everything went wonderfully. Glassworks looked amazing - it was truly worth all of the time that went into creating such a wonderful event.

Jessica, enjoy your special day off.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A wedding at Farmington

One of our other weddings taking place today was outside at Farmington. Our lovely bride could not have ordered a more beautiful day. The weather was absolutely perfect. Her colors were olive and chocolate with beautiful orange and rust toned flowers.

Our DYI bride and her family and friends did a great job with table decor of creme toned pumpkins with monograms nestled in a bed of fall foliage. I can't wait to see the photos from her photographer. I'm sure she got some great shots..

Next posting.. more from Marianne's wedding.

Marianne is getting married today!!

So, one of today's brides is having a themed wedding. One focus is family and friends. The other aspect is the Fleur-de-lis. [By the way,we have 4 weddings this weekend.]
Marianne is a dear, longtime friend of our lead designer, Jessica. So together they have been collaborating on the ideas for decor, bouquets and details. Many photos, sketches and notes later-there are plenty of details. So, this is just a start to the photos we will have from her event.
I know we'll have great photos because Stefanie will be snapping many of them. So, check back for the rest of her details and for some photos of the others.
Have a great weekend! and Best Wishes to all of our Brides and Grooms.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The new designer

Heidi is our guest designer for the day.. we definitely need her help today. We have lots to do with four weddings this weekend. Lulu is not fond of our guest. It is no longer all about her and she just doesn't like it one bit.

I'll post more photos of the weddings later.

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Of course !!

Wouldn't you just know it !! There is an E- STEFANIE. I'll be you I won't screw that up ever again.

Carol and Stephanie

I want to publicly announce that I have incorrectly spelled Stefani's name..hence the Carol and StePHanIE...title on today's post.

People who know me know -Carol- is not my name. Yet for some strange reason, people who don't know me but claim to know me call me Carol- a dead give away- they really don't know me. If they did, they would really know how much my being called Carol is like nails down a chalk board or better yet getting a paper cut licking an envelope or slamming just the tip of my finger in a drawer. Being called Carol is icky memories of childhood and a neighbor girl named- Kim standing across the street from my house yelling 'Carol' so I would come out and play with her.. while she was covered in sticky goo from a giant colorful charms pop sucker sliming down her arm- I didn't like it or her. I know that's very bad to put in print but it's true and explains why I personally don't like being called Carol. Enough of that.. on to StePHanie--

My post the other day was in reference to a photographer Stefani. Of course, I boldly took it upon myself to spell her name Stephanie rather than being sure it was spelled correctly. It was brought to my attention that when Stefani learned of the post featuring her photos she gasped with distress upon seeing her name spelled incorrectly. Of all cruel things I could do to another person-- a misspelled name-- I of all people should be uber-sensitive to this - but was I ?? NO- what is my problem?

So, I humbly post my error. I Carolyn- not Carol- althought it does sound like something she would do- admit my error in spelling and publicly correct {the artist- formerly known as Stephanie} is actually spelled Stefani.. I only hope I've spelled this correctly and didn't leave off an E.

Okay, enough of my faults.. have a great day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

It's been a while..second artist -Elaina

I am very excited to also be hosting artist Elaina Panico at the Art on Spring event.

She is not a local artist -she's from Wisconsin. She's a mere -almost 20- and very talented. I was fortunate to receive two of her paintings this past week. One is shown on the blog. You'll have to stop in to find out which one it is. I'm hoping to receive a couple more of her paintings and sketches within the next few weeks. The photos I'm posting are just a few in her portfolio.


Oops! The Art Show is November 13 -NOT- October 13

It's been a while..

As darling Jessica pointed out to me the other day, it's been a while since I posted.

I've been busy enough to have lots of things to post-flowers for photo shoots, lots of work in the shop, painting, re arranging displays, weddings and more. And of course getting ready for the Open House and the Art on Spring event the following week.

So, I'll post about the art and some artists. First the new photo at the top of the blog was shot by Stephanie. With some coaxing.. I'm hoping she'll display some prints of her latest work. She has photographed a variety of subjects [I'm lucky enough to have some copies] and I hope she'll select at least a couple to display at the Art on Spring event - Thursday, October 13. They will be for sale.

Okay, I'll post a few. It's amazing to see someone's perspective through a lens. Especially when they make you really feel something or inspire you to think.

I will post another post following this. The next artist is a painter...with a completely different perspective and subject. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Favorites

In my coupious amounts of spare time this weekend, I'm making lists. Lists of things to do this week. Flowers to order, containers to prep, silks florals to make and more info on this blog.

One list I made for the blog was the 'Favorites'. Often we're asked who we would use for a vendor if if was "our event". So I've compiled a list. I have personally used the services of a number of the businesses listed.

The list I compiled is just a suggestion of some of the vendors we feel do an excellent job. They are businesses -we know first hand- who consistently provide excellent service, excellent products, seek a creative approach in their production and are an absolute pleasure to work with. We have no vested interest, we receive no compensation. We just feel it's important to let our readers know when an excellent vendor available. As we find more "Faves" we'll add their name.

Have a great week!

The Holiday Open House- November 6th.

It's coming. We have lots of people asking when it is..the official date is Thursday evening, November 6th. Not only is it our shop's soiree, the Open House is a joint event for all of the merchants in Downtown Historic Jeffersonville.

We are very excited. We'll have a new look in the store- new tequila lime walls [if I ever get them finished] New holiday gifts, new wonderful Arbonne personal skincare and bath products, absolutely delicious gourmet foods- yes, we will be sampling them, beautiful holiday wreaths and arrangements and so much more. We can't tell you everything. We have to have some surprises.

And, as if that isn't enough, the following week will be the Art on Spring Event- November 13th. Local artists will be featured in various shops. The locations will be announced at the Open House. Please mark your calendars. If you haven't attended our Open House in the past, we're sure you'll enjoy it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Chocolate Candles are here !!

Our patience was worth it!
The heavenly Chocolate Candles have arrived. They smell divine. We've ordered these from a small business in upstate Washington. They're made by hand.
If you need a low-calorie chocolate fix, this may be it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What I learned in school today..

First thing- I learned the day before school-- Garmin or as I called it- Garmina- my backseat girlfriend driver- is a wonderful friend to have on a trip. Of course my awesome husband gave me great directions..but Garmina got me where I needed to be locally.

So, day one in class- most of the people here are 1- women, 2- from the region, and 3 very helpful towards each other.

The hotel- The Omni, has a great lobby and atrium- but could benefit from more flowers- they have them, just not enough...or the ones they do have, should have more- Oomph! They did however have a great lunch and the bananas foster was YUM!

So, Phil- is a floral natural- it just comes from within. He is beyond helpful as is his assistant Fanny. I like the fact that he infuses a philosophy of positive thinking in design. Basically, you positively can do it- just let it happen. Be open to instruction and soak it in. A definite positive, happy, I love what I'm doing vibe- very contagious. He spoke about his shop Avante Garden and his wife Cathy- also AIFD. Definitely a floral family.

Our first assignment was creating a tropical table arrangement which included anthurium, protea, lotus pods and some other things.. in particular a 'nautilus' created with a leaf. First we had to learn how to make the nautilus- and I did !! Not right away, but it came to me after a couple of tries. They are very cool and you will be seeing them in our future work as it fits in.

We also did some weaving with grasses and ribbon and applied it in design. Again, very cool. The main thing he was focusing on was balance and the minute details in design- the ones that will make or break you in going for passing a certification with AIFD. Also a lot of other design details that would not impress anyone not in the floral industry. So, I won't bore you. Jessica, I know you'll be reading this- you I will give the details. And Kim, girl- you will love learning how to make the shells and the birds too. No palm leaf will be safe with us around!

We also made very cool birds with palm. Definitely not something you can make only once. They will definitely need some practice.

Tomorrow, more designing, more hand work and other detailed creations. The attached photos are of a very large arrangement Phil designed- about 6 feet tall. The other one is one I made. I'm glad I'm here. It re-enforces what I know and shows me where I need to focus my attention with detail.

Well, I see the photos I'm trying to upload- aren't. I promise I'll try and figure out what the problem is. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have better luck. I've got to get to bed. I have school in the morning ;)

Bye, for now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm going to school..kind of-

I am beyond excited for this weekend. I will be leaving on Sunday for a road trip to Charlottesville, Virginia. I'm going there to attend a continuing education class in advanced design. Yes, I have been doing design for 24years-- but, there's always something to learn. My last class was at Texas A&M and I learned alot.

I am most excited because the instructor is Phil Rulloda. This man is brilliant. He has won every design award possible, has his shop and design school in California, has written design books and more and is an AIFD member. One of my goals is to also become AIFD certified. This is kind of like getting a PhD for someone else's profession. It is not an easy thing to accomplish. But, if you do you will be celebrating and it could open many new doors.

So, bright and early Sunday morning I'm leaving and won't be back in the shop until Thursday. I will return to a laundry list of things to do because we have a mega huge wedding on Saturday [don't worry, we're on top of it, everything is ordered already and the flowers won't come in until Wednesday] and also another smaller one. I know the shop will be in good hands. The lovely Jessica will be holding down the shop and designing like the ninja she is. You'd have to see her in action. Things get done and you never saw it happen- she's quite mysterious and wonderful to have around.

So, off I'll go- like Thelma without Louise. Just me, the Garmin and lots of cd's to listen to. I'll be back with lots of new ideas and an overflowing imagination.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lulu Rai Tulip

I couldn't- not -share a photo of the amazing parrot tulip we'll be getting in for the fall season. And what a coincidence that the name has -Lulu in it! Hmmm.. how did that happen? We're so excited about introducing more bulb options for the fall season. We'll also carry supplies for repotting plants. We know not everyone needs a giant bag of potting soil or a whole bag of moss or stones. Well, we will be offering those basic supplies in a much smaller quantity- basically, buy what you need.
We'll also be carrying some beautiful amaryllis which I have ordered in shades of white with a red center and a deep red shade. We're very excited about the new products coming into the shop for the fall season. We hope you'll stop by.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What's Green, Lavender, Purple and Chocolate?

Green..Tequila Lime to be exact. That's the new color our walls will be sporting for the fall season. We love it... it is kind of limey- Key West lime for me, think bright-very bright and perfect for the dreary days that will be coming soon. Our new look is leaning towards urban, contemporary and fun. But don't be worried. We're not going off the deep end and changing everything- just making the space match the new products we're bringing in for the holidays.

Lavender... would be the wonderful new crop of lavender coming from the recent harvest on an upstate Washington peninsula. We've talked direct to the growers about their growing conditions and what makes their lavender the Best! If it's the best, then we definitely want it.

Purple...wait until you see the amazing new Dutch variety of purple parrot tulip we'll have for the fall season. It's very ruffled with deep purple and green toned petals. We just had to have it and will have only 100 bulbs available.

Chocolate...well, this is not what you'd first expect. It's not to eat-it will be chocolate to grow. We have 'chocolate' flowers coming. Again, from the beautiful state of Washington. I don't want to give too much away because there are more 'chocolate' things coming.

This is just a hint of the new thing we're expecting for fall. We'll have a new look for our business cards [the flower on our business cards is a 'Casis Clematis' and yes, it should be available to purchase in the spring season] and all our media materials. We're very excited for our reveal. Be sure to look for our new ad in the September issue of Underwire magazine.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just being silly

We're really working the flowers. By that I mean if it doesn't get used within a certain time we don't use them for orders. So today's second post is Jessica playing with the sunflowers.

I know the photos are a little blurred, but cute nonetheless. She plucked the petals so we can hang and dry them for use in fall arrangments.--I told you we try and be 'green' and now we have photos to prove it.

Have a great day!

A kind of weird photo to post

I know on my previous post, I mentioned the flowers we purchase from our wonderful, local grower. Well, the photo for today includes many of their flowers.

Typically I would not post someone's funeral flowers, but I felt I should on this one. When most people think of funeral flowers they have this visual of stiff, two tones-dare I say red and white or some other basic color combination of predictible flowers. And I hate to say it, but they'll look like they belong at a funeral... just not one we're doing.

We try and take a different approach. Our goal for this family was to create a gardeny casket spray. Knowing what we'd just purchased, we knew it would be very natural and less structured. They conveyed they didn't want anything stiff- and that their family member loved the outdoors and gardening. We appreciate the family trusting us with our vision for their family member.

Just keep in mind when ordering flowers for any occasion- be open to new ideas, colors, and flower combinations. There is a huge variety available- think outside the box. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

All the best

Friday, August 08, 2008

'Green' is the new -everything

It's nice to know that we've been 'green' before green was -everything.

I have always tried to keep in mind a saying my grandmother had- 'Take as much as you'd like but, not more than you need.' My grandparents were very simple people- simple in their existance, but not their experiences. I truly loved being with them- they were a refuge to me. I loved hearing about how life was when they grew the turn of the century and in another country none-the-less. They appreciated everything they it a simple possession or friend- everything was to be valued...

So, were is this going in relation to green?? Well, they were from Ireland- the first green. Not that that has anything to do with this, but I figured I'd throw that in for some actual color. But, one thing I always remember is that they reused lots of stuff. Fabric, tin foil and wax paper, boxes, containers and even string. I remember using my mother's crayons-- nubs that they were.. My grandmother just couldn't throw them out.. mind you they were wretched to try and color with, on the occasion we did use them- but we loved playing with them.

They also had a garden and grew wonderful vegetables and flowers. This is where I'm going with the story--- growing your own things-- or for us... Lavender Hill purchasing flowers from locally grown sources. And we're lucky enough to be able to-- and that's today's photo.

Our grower is in Lanesville and he and his wife bring us wonderful seasonal flowers. Our latest crop has been amazing sunflowers, zinnias, sohrgum, pincushions, cox comb and tansey. We love when he stops in because we never know what he'll have or what color it will be in.

When he stopped in yesterday- I had to snap a photo of his van. He and his wife had their grandchild with them on their deliveries so the van was not as filled as usual.. but you can get a pretty good idea from the photo. They have lots of fresh flowers- and they last a very long while.

So, the rest of my green story is.. We will be reusing small boxes for deliveries along with our regular delivery boxes whenever possible-- we're just adding a recycle sticker to let everyone know-- we're not just being cheap. We're also implementing a 'recycle your vase' program. Many people have lots of old vases collected from the times they've received flowers.. we'd like to reuse them. If you bring them in we'll give you store credit for a future purchase. You get rid of the vases- we pass them on to someone else. We're also working on a program to recycle the flowers from someone's wedding or event. Everyone should be able to enjoy flowers and after most events people do not take the flowers home- what a waste. Encouraging a bride or groom to donate their reception decor- centerpieces to an organization that can enjoy them -be it a hospice setting, homeless shelter, group home etc. . We're still working out the details on that but all around everyone benefits.

Well, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be off- amazingly- but only because my darling daughter Jennifer will be moving back up to college and into her first apartment. It will be very bittersweet for me and my husband, but I know she's very excited. And she's recycling too-- she's taking the food out of my pantry to stock hers... What a girl!

Have a great weekend-

Friday, July 25, 2008

This is how we do it...

So, we're busy bees this weekend. We have one wedding today and four on Saturday. So what's the best way to produce?? line up the vases and let it rip.

Jessica---our new singing, perky, smiling, wonderful - thankGodshe'sworkingforme -designer and I have been cranking out corsages and bouquets.

So we snapped a couple of pics yesterday, just to show everyone our colors for Friday's event- Adrienne, our bride, wanted bright summer shades, fucia, raspberry, coral...and loved the best of the season. So, we selected roses, stock, mini calla and zinnias for some very saturated color. We think she'll like it.

The rest of the weekend is also summer themed. Lots of daisies, gerbera and the traditional ones too. We'll try and snap some pics ans post next week if not sooner. Have a great weekend.

All the best-

Carolyn and Lulu

PS Lulu has been taking 'dirt naps' literally...we'll try and get a pic the next time we find her in the soil containers... she looks at us like we're the ones with the problem. ;)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A n email I received

This morning I opened my email and this is what I received:

This is the executive summary;

Boeing 747-200 carrying almost 5000 full boxes of flowers took off at 3 am on Monday morning bound for MIA. Upon take off there was a catastrophic engine failure which disintegrated an engine. There was fire. Plane declared an emergency but was already in the air as it had reached V1 or point of no return. It started fuel dump maneuver but very quickly the situation escalated and the pilot was left with no other choice but to crash land the plane in the nearest cleared piece of land available. Almost all flowers contained in the plane were Elite.

Attached pictures!!!!

All 8 crew members managed to live thru this one... 7 american pilots and 1 dominicano chico!!!

2 people on the ground who lived in a house died when the plane landed on top of their heads. They were the ones who looked after the cattle who I assume managed to run when they saw the plane coming in.

Wow!! most people would have never heard about this. Or even cared about the cargo--- but what about the florists and clients waiting for the cargo--- maybe flowers for their party or wedding. 5000 boxes is a lot of flowers to lose- and by the looks of things I can't believe anyone survived. That's amazing.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Our website is back up!!

Finally..our website is back up. We've been experiencing 'technical problems' with the website and our email, and we apologize. If you've emailed us with no response that's why. If you've never received our emails- again, we're sorry.

Our website is back up with a new look. We will be continuing to add more information for pre-appointment planning, photos and some other community minded projects. So, please be sure to check it out.

Remember... our blog is where you can get the best info on what's going on in the shop.. new arrivals, sales, classes etc. We have some neat things planned for the late summer and early fall. Stay tuned.

All the best!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Check out a beautiful blog

The weekend of June 20th was very busy for us. A Friday wedding- HUGE, 2 weddings, a 50th anniversary party, and flowers for a wedding shower -all on Saturday and then.. another wedding on Sunday... with LOTS of details. Sunday's wedding is the topic of today's post.

So, why am I just now posting about this ? Well, because the photographer has posted some amazing photos of the wedding and reception. Her blog is

Unfortunately, she is not a local photographer but she obviously travels. From the few photos she's posted, I'm truly anxious to see the rest. They are just as beautiful as the ones you'd see in the wedding magazines. Of course having a beautiful bride, handsome groom and an amazing wedding location with lots of details should be a snap to shoot. Right? Well, one would think so.. We've done them before.. beautiful flowers for beautiful weddings- unfortunately, not all photographers capture the essence of the details. Happily, Neysa Ruhl did. Please check out her blog, I think you'll enjoy it.

All the best-

Monday, June 30, 2008

Christmas in July

Just a note to let everyone know...Our Christmas in July Sale starts tomorrow.

All of our currently in stock holiday decor from beautiful wreaths to ornaments, little gifts to decor pieces.. are on sale 60% off while they last. if you're getting married, now is a great time to start looking for the holiday decor for your new home as Mr. and Mrs. and you'll be buying it on sale!

We'll be starting on designing this year's holiday decor in August so we must make room.

Don't forget to mark your calendars now. Our Holiday Open House is Thursday, November 6th.

All the best-

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We're shopping for you...

Over the summer we plan for the holidays. Our Open House is in November and now is when we go shopping. So, if you frequent our shop, we'd like to know what you would love to shop for.

Drop us a line and tell us your favorite products, colors, scents, holiday themes, or whatever you would like to share with us. What would you like to see in our shop?

We will pick one lucky person who shares their ideas and they'll receive a $25. gift certificate. We start shopping in July, so let us know by July 7th.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Special offer...Invitations at cost !!

To all of the perspective brides- or friends or family of a bride, anonymously reading..through this Saturday- if you call, stop in or email for info on our wedding invitations you will receive your invitations at cost. That's right- cost. Whatever the invoice says, you pay... that is a definite savings.

Now, obviously you may not pick them out this week, but if you contact us by this Saturday and get your name on our - 'Totally Fabulous Bride' list- you get the invites at cost. If you pick them out next month great- not 'til September- that's okay. Just get on the list by this Saturday, June 14. Once Saturday passes this offer does too. What are you waiting for?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What's on the agenda??

Floral design classes..if we had them would you attend?
If so, what would want to learn? Are you more interested in setting a table for a party and learning about presentation and the flowers that can go along with that? Would you be more interested in what you can do with your garden flowers? Make Christmas decor over the summer? We're picking our brains and are seriously considering your input. If you have any suggestions or ideas..please email me.

I'm thrilled to say I can finally begin to breathe. We have a very busy wedding schedule this summer. We had 4 weddings this past weekend. We have 2 this week, a private party and rehearsal dinner [with wonderful BAJ Catering.] Then next week we have a mega wedding on Friday, 2 on Saturday and one on Sunday..I'll be spending the weekend at the shop. Now, of course you're thinking- you can breathe?? with all this and regular deliveries along with it? Why, yes, I can. Because I have a new designer to help create these wonderful designs. Jessica has joined our team and we're thrilled!!! Another pair of talented hands with a sharp knife. And the flower fairies have blessed me even more with another part time driver Tim and Angie is back for a few weeks to help with her two hands and a sharp knife. [great timing..I am a very lucky girl!! ]

Maybe with all of this amazing help, I will be able to complete painting the shop, assembling the display pieces and finally get my new business cards printed. Good help is a wonderful thing!

I am truly looking forward to a busy summer.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Being fair..and the Derby.

Just wanted to be fair to the candidates. I did post with photos, Barack Obama's visit to Jeffersonville. If you're a local, then you know Hillary was also here just the other afternoon. Unfortunately, I did not get to see her. Had I been able to, I would have posted photos. I just want to be fair and show no bias. Is McCain coming??

If any other candidates do come... please don't do it until after Mother's Day... I'm too busy- We have this thing called Kentucky Derby going on. And we got to do some flowers for a party thrown by one of the owners with 2 horses running in the Derby!! How cool.. I hope their horse wins.

Back to work with lots to do. Is it Sunday yet??

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess who came to Jeffersonville?? was Administrative Assistant's Day- and we were busy. I left very early to get to the shop, because I knew - we'd be busy. The phone was ringing- flowers were flying and THEN, the lovely gals from Petunia's Boutique came in. Just killing some time while the Secret Service secured their store front for the commercial being shot for Barack Obama. Oh yeah, he was stopping by while in town for an appearance at IUS...Holy Cow! Barack Obama is on the next street and we get to see him.

Now it was my turn to see him in person. He'd been at my kid's college campus just a few weeks ago. My daughter Jen phoned early that morning to tell me she was in the first row..she got photos..she got to shake his hand AND speak to him. Of course, my son called later that day to say- did you hear who Jen saw today?? So, now it was my turn to call them.

I hate to say I hung a 'Be right back' sign - but I did. We could not pass this up. Kim and I went down the street, went through security and waited. Luckily, Derrick our trusty driver, got back from deliveries in time to join us. We patiently waited and then, out came Barack Obama. He spoke for a few minutes and I just kept snapping photos. It was very cool.

Regardless of you political choice- getting to see any of the candidates in person is very neat. And now I have photos to prove it. What a great end to a busy day. Oh, don't forget to vote!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A simple beautiful cake..

I truly appreciate an artisan. Adrienne of Adrienne's Cakes in Jeffersonville is definitely an artisan. There are many cake designers in the Kentuckiana area and to me, she is a definite stand out.

Her cakes are beautiful, flawless, impeccably detailed and taste divine. I have had the opportunity to work with her on many weddings and I am never disappointed. Each cake is unique. I am especially looking forward to seeing a cake she will be creating for one of my brides with a June wedding date. It is a delicate vintage looking cake with a textured lace-like scalloped finish.

If you are still searching for your cake designer, please stop by her cafe. She is a delight to work with. Beyond the wedding cakes Adrienne's mega brownies are amazing!!! If you love chocolate these need to meet your tongue. They're chocolate with chocolate topped off with more chocolate. And then there are the cannoli, the chocolate or peanut butter filled chocolate cookies and the frosting....on anything....yummm.

PS..The photo I've attached is from the wedding this past Saturday. I loved the simplicity of this cake. It was simple, but the detail was flawless. No seams on the frosting, perfectly smooth, perfect, even scroll work and a beautiful soft ivory color.

The 'House' down the street

I haven't blogged much this month and it really bugs me.

If you know me, you know I love to communicate..speaking, punctuated with hand and facial gestures, inflections in my tone of voice and of course rapid Chicago-bred speed. And I love to write. That gift I acquired during many years of being taught by Dominican nuns. Those wonderful faux-penguins beat writing into us..literally. Creative, expressive, make the reader feel everything - kind of writing. They were wonderful women and they could teach. But you know, it's truly part of me. I just have to get it out. Not just the written language on paper or a computer but the other language I speak with.. the language of flowers. Communicate, no matter what the form of communication.. written, spoken, floral, photos, dance--[okay, you don't want to see me dance, maybe someone else, just not me.] Even my grandfather told me years ago- I had the gift of gab- I guess I never shut-up- and I always had something to say. Needless to say he lovingly called me 'Gabby'.

So, today, I will post a couple of blogs. I will 'gab' like nobody's business. Don't say I didn't warn you..

On to the 'House' down the street... Yesterday morning I had to run out on a very early delivery. On my way back, I saw down at the other end of the street this 'House' sitting in the middle of the intersection, surrounded by many frenzied people. This 'House' was an old historic home being moved from along the river front to a spot a few blocks away, and just down the street from the shop. The frenzied people were the firemen and many others helping to safely move this little gem to it's new location. It was just very cool to actually see this happen. The last home moved to the neighboring location took place a couple of years ago. I wanted to see it in progress and missed it, so this was my chance. Now, I'm glad I had to take that delivery- I wasn't at the time- so, I thought I'd share this photo.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Major snow and a wedding

March .. it's spring, well almost.

At least it's spring at the flower markets..tulips, daffodils, hydrangea plants. And of course brides planning their wedding for March 8 are thinking spring. I know that's what my bride Karry and her fiance Patrick were thinking. But Mother Nature must not have received her invitation to the wedding.

Like most couples, Karry and Patrick planned their spring wedding with much excitement and anticipation. As we all know, by Wednesday of this week, we were expecting snow. Typically that's not such a big deal. But, this was mega least for southern Indiana. The location of the ceremony and reception was nestled up in Starlight at Huber's Winery. On a good day, the drive is beautiful- when there's snow, I don't feel the same way.

So I called the Mother of the Bride- I prefered not to speak with the bride, she didn't need any more stress than necessary. .[Mom agreed] Mother confirmed the day, storm or not, would commence as planned. But.. being a wise mother, she said bring everything Friday instead of Saturday- the actual wedding day. We were able to keep everything refrigerated at Huber's- [They're wonderful to work with. They are on my list of preferred places to work for that reason and many more.] The roads were messy but drivable. We both knew that Saturday may not be the same. The snow would continue through Friday night.

Luckily, my wonderful Friday crew, Kim, Joyce and Larry, kicked it up getting all of the decor and accessories packed for delivery while I did the floral work. Not only did we have the wedding flowers, but the rehearsal dinner decor also.

So, Larry accompanied me -he said he'd drive-[I think he was afraid I'd fly off a curve, he doesn't know what a cautious driver I am.. the flowers are like driving with babies in the vehicle.. add snow to the mix and I'm even more careful.] So off we went. Got up there, set up, drove back to the shop and loaded up the rehearsal stuff. Drove to the Bristol downtown and headed home ASAP. Then it really snowed!!

Well, I guess there's always a first for everything. I've never had snow interrupt a wedding and I've never set up a wedding one day before. So even after 25 years of being the business..expect the unexpected.

Best wishes to Karry and Patrick- your adventure has begun. I hope the day was wonderful and your trip to Florida is memorable.

All the best-

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's with the type-os ??

Okay, if you read the previous post you'll find type-os.. and a misspelled word- that's even worse !! I hate's like a poppy seed in your tooth and you're yapping away and no one bothers to tell you and then you see it later and think - Yeah, thanks for saying something !!-- and I can only blame the computer. Three times I changed the errors and what the heck, they're back !

So, email me with the type-os you found and I'll give you some flowers. That will make me proof things better. I'm totally me.

Now, I must go home. I really do have one.

Some gals you should meet

Okay, if you know me, you know I LOVE to work with creative people. I love positive, who

think outside the box. The I'll find a way to do it kind of people. Which leads me to introduce you to two nifty gals... Elizabeth and her mother and business partner, Tina.

I had the pleasure to work with them on Elizabeth's fall '07 wedding- so the flowers were wonderful- but not just because I got to do them- because they had a vision of what they wanted and we ran with it. Elizabeth and Tina had some wonderful and creative ideas to truly personalize the day. They went above and beyond in doing alot of things themselves. Typically, I discourage taking on so much, but they honestly were able to complete the tasks they set out to do. And they did an amazing job. They spent alot of time researching sources for paper, ribbon, and supplies of all types in order to create the atmosphere of a romantic yet current, ceremony location and reception. They focuced on specific details and continued them from ceremony through reception. I truly applaud them in doing such an amazing job. Many brides do attempt to take on decor and flowers and alot more than their schedules and talents allow. Sometimes this turns into frustration and disappointment or worse, wasted money. What worked for Elizabeth and Tina was they new what they could do in the timeframe preceeding the many parties, showers and work schedules. They planned to take things on accordingly and did a marvelous job..... So what to do after the wedding day is over???? Well, start your own business of course!!

So, may I introduce to you... We deux, I do ! Unique wedding details... their website is Elizabeth and Tina would be a wonderful source for any couple, wanting ideas and inspiration to personalize their own event. Why? because they've already done their homework. They can do as much or as little as you'd like. They have the sources and can make your life easier while you prepare for your big day. I truly enjoyed working with them and I think they found a great niche in the wedding industry that needed a fresh approach.

I wish them a successful start and look forward to hopefully working with them in the future.

All the best..