Monday, April 23, 2012

Make it personal..

That fun cake doesn't have to be just for the groom.  After all, it IS your wedding... and it will be your bridal shower, too. So, for the lucky family and friends planning this fun get together- make it personal!

At a recent bridal shower, the bride- a HUGE Harry Potter fan- [not in just a geekey way-she's also an English teacher], was in awe of the amazing cake celebrating her love of the wizard friends. The mother of the bride, knew the cake was going to be amazing, but even she didn't expect what she saw.  The immensely talented professional baker, who also happens to be a friend of the family- was not just asked to create the bride's shower cake, but, also her wedding cake. So, how does a baker WOW the client not just once but twice? Surprise the bride, mother of the bride, and guests with detail beyond their wildest imagination.

To say the cake was really nice, is an understatement. This cake had so much detail, creativity and love in it -it was like the guests received a gift also; and they did- a very delicious one. I don't believe I've ever witnessed so many guests take photos of a cake at a bridal shower.

So, aside from the obvious- it was an amazing cake- why did this cake get such rave reviews and so many posts on Facebook? because it was so personalized. The bride felt the connection to something she was passionate about. Guests at most bridal showers don't see themed cakes for the bride- they usually see it for the groom- at the wedding reception. It was a welcomed surprise to what most people will assume will just be food, presents and bridal shower games. The cake truly became a feature point which encouraged conversation between guests, many of whom did not know each other.

The point of all this? As I've posted many's your wedding- in this case, your bridal shower- for those hosting or planning it- make it personal. All of the details, make the experience shared by family and friends, an even more memorable one. The details do matter. Enjoy.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Why waste money on Flowers?? They're just going to die.

Why waste your money on flowers?? No one is going to remember them. They're just going to die. Who cares? Not a priority. I hear this all the time. I am a professional florist, so I cringe when I hear this- sorry, but I do.

I could say the same thing about selecting a great menu- most brides and grooms, barely get to eat at their wedding. Why bother selecting anything other than the basics? Who remembers the music? I mean really? A cake is how much??- Heck you could 'just get sheet cakes' no one will know. And what about that dress? Really two thousand dollars for a dress you'll only wear once? Well, the photographers charge too much also, but- you've got to have photos.. Think about it.. what is in those photos?? That dress, you eating, dancing, that cake and those darn flowers!!

It does matter. All of these things; because it’s your wedding. It’s not just a get –together. It’s a significant day in your lives. Make it better than normal. Choosing the right flowers and floral designer can help do that- making it better than normal.

As a florist, I can honestly say- flowers can be expensive. But, the right flowers in the right professional’s hands can become worth every penny and more. Why? Because the most perfect flowers are used to create maximum effect, because they transform vacant hands, a vacant lapel, a vacant ceremony or reception location, a vacant table. Their mere presence is and can be, visually transforming- even in their simplest form. And, only an experienced, educated, professional florist knows how to use just the right blossoms and foliage to give you the most visual impact for the dollars you choose to invest. Given a small budget, using the most minimal of flowers in the correct form can also transform a space. It's not just what you have, it's knowing how to use it. We're all heard that line before- and it's true.

A professional, experienced florist will look at a space with a different perspective. Their experience will help transform your space because they will know where to place focus and know where and how to detract that same focus, need be. The same applies for the right blossoms complimenting the details of your wedding attire. They'll know exactly what will make everything just click and come together.

When choosing your florist, look at their portfolio. Do you feel they understand your vision and are you willing to listen to their advice? The vendor/client relationship has to match. Be honest and open with your budget. You cannot expect mega flowers on a small budget. This is where the experience of hiring a professional will be invaluable. They can transform a space if the budget is realistic and they can offer creative ideas if the budget doesn’t match the vision.

Once you receive your proposal and contract review that and be sure to ask any questions. If you plan to retain their services, let them know in a timely manner- dates book quickly.

Enjoy the process, but don’t micro manage the details. Let the professional worry about the little things- they’re very good at it. Remember, when you’re walking down that aisle, you have their name in your hands. No professional, will allow anything but perfection representing themselves. So rest assured, your flowers will be perfect.