Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's almost over..

Well, 4 weddings down and one more to go today..So as promised some photos.
Okay, so as I'm trying to upload these photos.. I have somehow loaded the same one twice. I did catch this.. but if you know me as some do- you'll also know I don't know how to get rid of this photo.. I don't do computer stuff too well and I'm quite lucky to get up the things I can. So don't laugh at me- I know I have an error on this post.
The few I took at the shop don't even begin to tell the tale from this weekend. Flowers, foliages, grass, tree limbs.. in one of the background shots of Kelly.. beyond belief. Our new gal Angie, picked a great weekend to start.. nothing like -baptism by fire!! PS_ yes, she's in the double post photo..and she helped me srt up at the Hyatt- thanks Angie- you were a HUGE help !!Hopefully we'll get some good photos back from the photographers. Enjoy!
All the best-

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Meet Lulu

Okay... so the more I thought about it.. the more I realized- Lulu's photo needs to be on the blog-- Well the internet in general !!

Anyone stopping in at the shop gets to meet her and experience her sweet personality. So I thought it only fitting to make her famous.

This photo was shot by Jessie Kreich-Higdon... a very creative local photographer. She happened to be at the shop for a photo shoot for my daughter Jen...she shot some amazing photos for Jen's senior photos. [I highly recommend Jessie if you're looking for a personable and extremely talented photographer for your wedding, portraits or event] While waiting on a clothing change, Lulu entertained Jessie and - Snap! went the camera... The rest is history..

All the best!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Just a little busy...

So, we're almost finished with summer and it's been a busy one for us. We had the opportunity to work with some wonderful couples and create some great bouquets and decor for their events.

Just when most people would think weddings are over.. oh, no they're not !!!

This week we have four weddings on Saturday and one on Sunday. We'll be at St. Mary's of the Knobs, Mellwood Arts Center, The Cathedral and Hyatt, and Glassworks on Saturday. We'll be at the Selbach Hilton on Sunday. We have some amazing flowers coming for our brides...and we will definitely post photos.

Then, after the wedding marathon we'll be doing flowers for a private corporate party on the 10th and for the Riverbreeze Wine Tasting event on Thursday the 13th..a fund raiser for the Jeffersonville City Pride committee. Then we'll be participating in the wedding show hosted by the Holiday Inn Lakeview on Sunday the 16th.

Aside from all of the parties... we do have to get the shop ready for fall. We'll have some amazing things coming in for our Holiday Open House November 8th...but before that we'll have some wonderful decor for a spectacular Halloween window display. You must stop by to see this ..and of course, do come in and say hello and don't forget to look for Lulu too.

We look forward to a busy fall season. We truly love what we do and always enjoy a challenge. Please email us if you have any questions about what we do. Remember, although I tend to comment the most about our weddings, we also do design florals for every day enjoyment. We love to design arrangements for all occasions.. whether just because, new baby or condolences. We truly can take care of any of your floral needs.

Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend!!