Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Open House is Coming !!

Oh, we've been so busy!! Our Open House is scheduled for Thursday, November 9, from 5-10pm. We have been so busy getting the shop ready for a fresh look this season. Sometimes I don't think there are enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Along with fabulous flowers, we have an amazing inventory of our scented candles. We have an expanded collection of our lavender products. We love the opportunity to support other small businesses- they would be the lavender growers in Washington state. From the goat's milk chocolate lavender soap to the chocolate orange body scrub.. some true chocolate lover's gifts.

We will also introduce our new artisan created, one of a kind semi precious jewelry. Local artist Nikki has brought to us a wonderful collection of her necklaces and earrings. Gift giving will be so easy this year.

Well, that's a small peek into what will be available this year. We hope you'll mark your calendar and join us and 15 other businesses along Spring St. for our Fourth Annual Holiday Open House.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Riverbreeze Event

Just a couple of shots from our recent support of the Jeffersonville Riverbreeze Event. The Beautification Committee- an organized group of Jeffersonville residents inspired to make and keep the town beautiful- held a wonderful wine tasting event in the public garden downtown. So many people were involved and they did a wonderful job creating a glowing garden filled with flowers, candlelight, twinklelights and live jazz music.

A tent was set up to shelter the guests and provide a lovely place to taste amazing wines paired with cheeses and other appetizers. Residents and visitors were able to select various wines for tasting and purchasing. The garden focused on the dessert wines and of course - dessert-Yum! I must say the lemon cake, my favorite, was tart and luscious.

Enjoy the photos. We were busy enjoying the wine and food so we didn't get as many shots as one would hope..but in our defence, the sun was also setting and the shadows were compromising the photos.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Two Fabulous Weddings this weekend !!

Well, I must say, we do have the opportunity to create flowers for some of the area's most beautiful brides !!

Kelly and I had two wonderful weddings this past weekend. She was over near the Douglas Loop and I was at Garden Court. I do promise to have some photos up this week. Kelly was definitely able to snap more shots than I. She gave me a sneak peak late Saturday. We had alot more decor to set up which cut into our photo time.

Kelly's bride, Sara, went for a traditional romantic wedding.. she carried a hand tied bouquet of imported English and Equadoran roses, blue and white hydrangea and delphinium accent. Her attendant's carried mixed English garden bouquets of plum mini calla lily, lavender hydrangea, blue delphinium, with some additional blossoms and variegated tree ivy and hosta foliage. Her church decor included large traditional arrangements of garden flowers to compliment the bouquets with single white lilies on the pews. She had complimentary styles at the reception for her buffet and guest's tables. A variety of blossoms adorned the cake. It looked amazing and Kelly said Sara was delighted with everything.

As for my wedding at Garden Court... Nicole our bride, opted for a more contemporary presentation. Her bouquet consisted of creme cymbidium orchids with raspberry roses and purple lisianthus as the accent. Studded throughout her bouquet were oversized pearls with crystal studs in the center. Her attendants carried contemporary hand tied bouquets of Green cymbidium orchids, cranberry dahlia, raspberry and orange roses, kangaroo paw and raspberry stock with a yellow craspedia accent.

Her reception consisted of various arrangements on all the guest's tables. The bride's and bridal party's tables enjoyed elevated arrangements of assorted orchids, roses, trumpet vine, dahlia, stock and other florwes as accent colors. The 'Hundley Hall' was draped with assorted fabrics to accent the party's colors. Also installed just for Nicole's event, were illuminated fountains and reflective glass walls which totally enhanced the atmosphere of the room. She selected a luscious chocolate stacked square cake. Her cake topper was a special gift from her father, a metal craftsman. He designed for her the monogram of her new last name. It was a lovely and precious gift.

We will post photos from both of these weddings. I will also post some photos from another wedding we had a few weeks ago.

Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I haven't gotten lost !

Well, it's been a few weeks since my last post. I have definite issues with computers-- ask Kim..once she stops laughing she'll confirm my incompetence.

I do promise more photos ASAP because we have some amazing weddings on next week's schedule. One at Garden Court,the other at Big Springs Country Club. Each completely different taste. One romantic and traditional..the other contemporary and chic.

Aside from that.. the fall merchandise is slowly arriving at the shop...it's quite spiffy great gifts for you and the home. We've begun the fall and holiday silks. Kelly has been a decorating maniac in the shop and it looks fab- of course! She's amazing.

Cary has been busy updating our customer list. I am amazed at how many clients have been added since the new year.. lots of wonderful people. We'll have lots of invitations for the Open House in November.

Well, that's it for now---except we have two new products to unveil in September. One is for anyone wanting something great for a party be it birthday at the office or anniversary at home--what could it be?? The other is a new twist for busy brides..Stay tuned.

Beautiful flowers..are just the Beginning!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photos ??!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm a computer eejit

I do flowers not computers.. let's see if the photos load this time.

Finally some photos

Proof we were really where we said we were for a whole week!

The first photo is Cary's maiden flight. Next is Cary, [customer service fairy] and Kelly [designer goddess] learning new tricks on the computer..I'll bet they surfed the internet while in class too. Then there's Kim [office goddess and computer guru] I know she checked out the internet and stock prices while in class--what a nerd!

We're back from out trip!!

Well, we're back from our trip and it was wonderful !!

Cary survived her first time flying and we have photos to prove it as you'll see.

We had great accomodations at the Marriott Suites in Downers Grove. The room was amazing, the bed wonderful and the whole experience worth the trip. Thanks FTD for picking up that tab. We met wome wonderful florists from California, Seattle, Ohio, Kansas and Canada. We have some silly shots from the FTD headquarters. The guy in our one photo is Rafael, from Fremont Flowers. He is their Office Guru and was also at FTD to learn more about the computer system. Overall, we did learn more shortcuts and felt like mini-Einsteins by the end of class.

After all of the classes were completed, we were off to Downtown. Yippee !!!!
We checked into the Westin..fabulous.. and went out to eat. We consumed lots of calamari during this trip, no squid were safe with us around. Eating was a priority lots of chocolate, Greek Food, Italian Food and good old Johnny Rockets cheeseburgers. We've all decided, we do not like Starbucks coffee.

We did get a chance to be tourists while in town. We explored Michigan Ave. checked out the Bentley dealership..the cars were amazing, Ferrari, Bentleys, Mercedes- the new one with the doors that slide up, now that was a beautiful car.. but no pictures of them. They do not allow photos in the dealership. Anyway, we took some interesting photos of the Tribune building with the stones inserted from around the world, very interesting. In certain spots, the Chicago river looked almost like being in Venice. There were flowers everywhere !!! [we loved that] Even down the center of Michigan Ave. in certain areas. I was even able to meet up with my brother Michael while in town. Yes, the famous actor Michael Weber, met with us and kept us laughing.

As for shopping at the Mart.. WE SHOPPED !! We have some wonderful products coming in for the fall season. It looked like things will still be traditional colors for the holiday season.

We have lots of new things that will be available for rent for weddings and parties. We have beautiful jewelry, home decor gifts, and a few more surprises. We can't tell you everything yet !! Besides we want to be sure everything arrives as expected.

We've also developed some new products and ideas that we'll launch for the early fall season. We'll be sure to reveal them here first.. so keep checking back.

Well, I have to get some work done. Check back for more photos.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The clock is ticking....

Well, 3 weddings done, one party left to go. We're all so excite about our trip. Everyone is starting to pack. I won't start until tomorrow.

We're making our list and checking it twice..we don't want to forget anything. At least we know there's a pool at our first hotel and a hot tub too!! EXCITING...

Downtown no pool..just a fabulous address and view.

Well, I've lots to do.. so I must go. I'll hopefully have some photos from the Golden Boy event at Caesar's.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So much to Do !!!

We have been busy bees here at 'The Hill'... we have 3 weddings this weekend, and the Golden Boy event at Caesar's on Sunday. Yes, I've got to come in on Sunday. But as my reward for Sunday and no day off -is Monday and a plane ticket to Chicago with my name on it !!

We are so excited about this trip. One, it's Chicago!! A beautiful place, great food, shopping and the King Tut exhibit too! I don't know if we'll be able to fit in the King but I know we'll shop 'til we drop.

This is Cary's first time on a plane. She's excited and a little nervous. She'll be fine. Before she finishes that bag of peanuts and coke she'll be landing.

We'll have computer classes for 3 days and then off to downtown to shop. We've already got a game plan to hit the ground running. Inhale breakfast,then catch the trolly to the Mart. We'll make our notes and split up and conquer. Lots of note making and catalog snatching.

We'll be announcing our latest "Wedding Flowers" project. We've been revamping our "Market Buy" option for brides and streamlined it to be more specific. We'll make our announcement when we return from our trip. I know it will be a hit because of what we're offering, the price tag, and of course- the packaging. We hope our Brides will like it as much as we do.

Well, it's time to go. We'll post while on our trip and we promise lots of photos. And of course.. what happens in Chicago may wind up on the internet, so of course we'll behave.
Gotta go..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Contemporary Chocolate Wedding

Well, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful couple from Colorado this weekend.
Emily and Timon got married at Garden Court on Saturday. They braved the sweltering heat and married outside in the rose garden.

Both being very much into nature, they chose a very natural and chic theme.. Chocolate, one of my favorite colors and of course, things to eat!

Although as usual, I don't have any photos of the bride at this time, I do have some decor shots.

The linens were chocolate tablecloths with white chair covers and chocolate chair ties. The table decor varied between rooms. Some tables had various glass cylinders with floating candles, grasses, reeds and the bride's focus flower, calla lily. Other tables donned simple trees fashioned from iron. They too, had candles, hanging in the trees and on the table's surface along with polished rocks. There are a few shots of the attendant's bouquet [bundled callas]. The bride's bouquet was an 'armature' of reeds, berries and calla lily, an unusual styling that truly fit her individual personality. I'm sure it looked great with her halter styled dress.

Their photographer was wonderful. They travelled from Ft. Wayne, IN to shoot the wedding. I will be sure to post their website in a day or two. Their portfolio was amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing how they shot Emily and Timon.

Our trip to Chicago will be coming up soon. I realized I posted that we were going in June instead of July.. I guess I'm really excited about going. Of course I am, who wouldn't be? It's Chicago !!

Anyway, enjoy the photos I will definitely post more. We were very busy setting up everything and unfortunately that's why I don't have more of the bride and attendant. Kelly, Derrick, Nick and I were very busy.. and that's an understatement.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some photos from this past weekend's reception

Here are just a couple of shots from this past weekend's wedding reception at Oxmoor Country Club. When I get some professional shots of our lovely bride and wedding party I'll be sure to post them.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's on for this week

We have a busy week ahead of us. We have 3 weddings. One Friday, at Kyes and two on Saturday. One of them at the lovely bed and breakfast, The Admiral Bicknell in New Albany. The other, also on Saturday, at Garden Court.

I know we'll have some photos from the Garden Court wedding because I, along with Kelly and Derrick and special guest help-Nick will be doing the set up.

We've had a busy wedding season already with many more to come. We'll be going to
Chicago on the 17th of June. We'll combine computer classes with our shopping trip to the Mart. All of us are really looking forward to the break. It's definitely much deserved. For me, there's nothing like going home.

Great wedding weekend

We had a busy weekend with a wonderful bride. She had a perfect day and looked amazing. Because she wasn't quite ready whenI left the church, I don't have any of her and the bridal party, only the reception.

Some of my staff, Kelly and Derrick were busy setting up at the reception. I joined them after setting up at the church. They did a great job. It's all about he details !!