Thursday, February 26, 2009

Such a great day!!

Well, today was like Christmas for me. 

We have been doing a lot of planning for this new year. What we want to do for new products, deciding on new display pieces, searching for the best crop of dried lavender, new varieties of plants and more. One of the biggest 'mores' has been working on our new look for our business correspondence. This includes everything leaving our shop with our name on it, signage, logo, attire for employees- everything. 

I posted earlier in January regarding the new business cards and today they came!!!! This is probably not exciting for anyone but me and Jessica. But our business cards arrived late this afternoon- personally delivered to us by Tom from Allegra Printing in New Albany. They are beautiful!!! Jen designed them and he did an amazing job of getting them printed exactly as I'd hoped they'd be. So, now we have our new business cards and the rest of the paper items will be coming shortly.

Along with that, as of March 1st. we will no longer have our lavenderhillflorals.BIZ site. We have researched the traffic on the site and found that we'd rather have everything on one site. So, as of March 1st. will be the site to go to and if you'd like to order flowers or look at some of the flower photo samples and other items available for purchasing.. you can also get there thru this blog. Just click on the area in the top right of the blog. That will get you to our Direct2Florist page.

Also some new things available for delivery will be Celebration Cakes or Cupcakes. These can accompany a simple arrangement or anything else coming from our shop. If you would like to send Cake or Cupcakes for any occasion, we would like a 24hour notice. We will have more info on flavors, cake/serving sizes and hopefully photos on the next blog post. 

We are excited for all of the new things  arriving before the Spring Fling in April. Saturday, April 4th to be exact, from 10 am 'til 3pm. Well, that's all for now. Check back again for another post. Thanks for stopping by.

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