Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some awesome news to share... This time tomorrow, one of our designers- Jessica, will be in Miami at one of the biggest floral events in our industry- The National Floral Symposium- hosted by the American Institute of Floral Designers. This year's theme- Caliente!

Jessica received a scholarship to attend. She was one of only few, out of many applicants, to receive the scholarship. While there, she will spend quite a bit of her time in the design room. She has been given a great opportunity to be one of three designers on the design team of 
Master Dutch Designer, Pim van Den Akker. This is only one aspect of what Jessica will be doing while in Miami. 

She will also be attending educational seminars, and the induction dinner celebrating the newest members being added to the AIFD family of designers. This event is a floral feast for the eyes.
We're excited to share with all of our clients and floral friends, our commitment to our flowers and the importance of continuing education.

We look forward to following Jesssica's floral adventures, photos and fun.

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