Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Contemporary Chocolate Wedding

Well, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful couple from Colorado this weekend.
Emily and Timon got married at Garden Court on Saturday. They braved the sweltering heat and married outside in the rose garden.

Both being very much into nature, they chose a very natural and chic theme.. Chocolate, one of my favorite colors and of course, things to eat!

Although as usual, I don't have any photos of the bride at this time, I do have some decor shots.

The linens were chocolate tablecloths with white chair covers and chocolate chair ties. The table decor varied between rooms. Some tables had various glass cylinders with floating candles, grasses, reeds and the bride's focus flower, calla lily. Other tables donned simple trees fashioned from iron. They too, had candles, hanging in the trees and on the table's surface along with polished rocks. There are a few shots of the attendant's bouquet [bundled callas]. The bride's bouquet was an 'armature' of reeds, berries and calla lily, an unusual styling that truly fit her individual personality. I'm sure it looked great with her halter styled dress.

Their photographer was wonderful. They travelled from Ft. Wayne, IN to shoot the wedding. I will be sure to post their website in a day or two. Their portfolio was amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing how they shot Emily and Timon.

Our trip to Chicago will be coming up soon. I realized I posted that we were going in June instead of July.. I guess I'm really excited about going. Of course I am, who wouldn't be? It's Chicago !!

Anyway, enjoy the photos I will definitely post more. We were very busy setting up everything and unfortunately that's why I don't have more of the bride and attendant. Kelly, Derrick, Nick and I were very busy.. and that's an understatement.

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