Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're back from out trip!!

Well, we're back from our trip and it was wonderful !!

Cary survived her first time flying and we have photos to prove it as you'll see.

We had great accomodations at the Marriott Suites in Downers Grove. The room was amazing, the bed wonderful and the whole experience worth the trip. Thanks FTD for picking up that tab. We met wome wonderful florists from California, Seattle, Ohio, Kansas and Canada. We have some silly shots from the FTD headquarters. The guy in our one photo is Rafael, from Fremont Flowers. He is their Office Guru and was also at FTD to learn more about the computer system. Overall, we did learn more shortcuts and felt like mini-Einsteins by the end of class.

After all of the classes were completed, we were off to Downtown. Yippee !!!!
We checked into the Westin..fabulous.. and went out to eat. We consumed lots of calamari during this trip, no squid were safe with us around. Eating was a priority lots of chocolate, Greek Food, Italian Food and good old Johnny Rockets cheeseburgers. We've all decided, we do not like Starbucks coffee.

We did get a chance to be tourists while in town. We explored Michigan Ave. checked out the Bentley dealership..the cars were amazing, Ferrari, Bentleys, Mercedes- the new one with the doors that slide up, now that was a beautiful car.. but no pictures of them. They do not allow photos in the dealership. Anyway, we took some interesting photos of the Tribune building with the stones inserted from around the world, very interesting. In certain spots, the Chicago river looked almost like being in Venice. There were flowers everywhere !!! [we loved that] Even down the center of Michigan Ave. in certain areas. I was even able to meet up with my brother Michael while in town. Yes, the famous actor Michael Weber, met with us and kept us laughing.

As for shopping at the Mart.. WE SHOPPED !! We have some wonderful products coming in for the fall season. It looked like things will still be traditional colors for the holiday season.

We have lots of new things that will be available for rent for weddings and parties. We have beautiful jewelry, home decor gifts, and a few more surprises. We can't tell you everything yet !! Besides we want to be sure everything arrives as expected.

We've also developed some new products and ideas that we'll launch for the early fall season. We'll be sure to reveal them here first.. so keep checking back.

Well, I have to get some work done. Check back for more photos.

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Kim said...

Hi, this is Kim. I am the office guru for Lavender Hill. I would like to thank Carolyn for such a wonderful trip to Chicago. We shopped till we dropped and took in all the sights and sounds of Chicago. What a great city. What a great boss and friend. We all had a great time. Thanks again!!!