Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 10 Reasons...

With Valentine's Day around the corner...along with just every day living and no better reason for giving flowers than...Just Because... I am posting the -Top Ten Reasons to Order from a "Real" Local Florist

1. Ensure Maximum Value--We want you to get the most bang for the buck- we really do.
Save on extra service fees by cutting out the middleman.

2. Speak Directly To The Florist Who Is Filling Your Order- a HUGE benefit. They know what's actually in stock in their shop. You don't have to settle for the basics on a website.
Find out what flowers and plants are in stock, what looks particularly good, or whether any blooming plants may be planted outdoors later.
Have a custom design created to your specifications...the BEST reason. Let a talented florist be creative.

3. Communicate Special Requests Directly
Does the recipient have any favorite flowers? Any dislikes?
Should the recipient be called prior to delivery?
Is the recipient hard of hearing, or slow answering the door?
Is one entrance better than another?

4. Select Additional Gift Items
Many flower shops also carry unique gift lines, such as candy, plush animals or candles, which can be added to your order or sent independently.

5. Get Same-Day Delivery - If Possible
By phoning the local florist directly, find out if same-day delivery is possible. Calling early improves the chances.

6. Pay Accurate and Appropriate Delivery Charges - No More, No Less
Pay the right local delivery fee without having it deducted from the value of your order.***If for no other reason, this is the biggest reason- Wire orders with the 1-800 companies add a service fee/charge which most customers think is the delivery charge- it isn't. This service fee is kept by the 1-800 company. YOUR delivery fee comes out of the amount you thought was going towards the number listed for the flowers.
A delivery to a location close to the shop may not cost as much as one farther away. Only the local florist knows.
Some locations, such as gated communities or certain businesses may require an additional charge.

7. Familiarity With Local Delivery Regulations
Hospitals, funeral homes, schools and businesses may have delivery cut-off times or size limitations.
Hospitals in particular often limit the size, quantity, or types of balloons that can be delivered.

8. Familiarity With Local Funeral Customs
In some areas a standing spray of flowers is customary, while in others a basket of flowers is most appropriate.
In smaller towns, a local florist may know what has already been ordered or sent to the funeral, and can then help you choose something different.

9. Establish A Relationship With The Flower Shop For Future Orders- We definitely have many 'former wire' clients who 'found' us and now call us direct to place an order, get personalized service and more value for their money.
Join a mailing list for email newsletters or seasonal offers.
Many shops offer a reminder service for sending flowers at special occasions.

Only nine reasons, you ask? The tenth is simple and universal:
10. Everyone Loves To Receive Flowers!

Research conducted by Rutgers University and the Society of American Florists indicates that flowers have an immediate impact on the happiness of the recipient, have a long-term positive effect on people's moods, and increase the connections among family and friends. Not only that, but a study by researchers at Texas A & M University shows that flowers and plants improve productivity, innovation, and creativity in the workplace.

I happened to run across the basics of this Top 10 list on the web. I felt it was important to add my two-cents [of course] and hope you'll spread the word the next time you want to send flowers across the country or world.

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